The Big Enchilada, Christian Priorities and the most important issue

The Big Enchilada, Christian Priorities and the most important issue

A week ago, I learned a new phrase “Big Enchilada” that I found the meaning of after I did my customary online search. It means “the most important issue, person, etc.

The phrase was used during last Wednesday’s edition of the Alex Jones Show (see here – 1.30 minutes in, 2 mins of a 3-hour show). Alex argues that humanity was under attack as the global economy was being turned off as part of the Great Reset, with key figures in all sorts of organisation saying similar sorts of things, cutting off energy, saying you can’t leave your house without their say so, introducing a world id card and digital currency to control all we do, implementing UN agendas 2021 and 2030. This for him was the Big Enchilada; the challenge God has given us is to resist with His help.

While not using this term, the preacher who preached at my church on the previous Sunday went through a number of issues (none of which were mentioned in Alex’s rant) that he saw as being most significant in the eyes of different people, that could be part of the Big Enchilada that humanity faces, before sharing his own thoughts.

Before I get to what that was, I should make mention of an exchange I had recently with a Christian friend who had been publicly castigated and ostracised by another Christian for sharing his views on certain matters concerning what is going on in the world. This is an experience I can identify with and, while unpleasant, comes as part of the job of being watchmen on the wall who stick their head over the parapet and, as unprofitable servants (Luke 17), we should be prepared to take the hit. It got me thinking of issues that in the past have given rise to such acrimonious exchanges. This is my list:   

  1. Trump, while imperfect, is one of God’s instruments chosen to drain today’s swamp, as was Cyrus and Jehu back in the day. He has achieved some success and there is more to come.
  2. The 2020 US election was stolen due to monumental fraud, as was the 2022 one and the recent Brazilian election etc.
  3. There is a tiny, satanic cabal running the world and recognising this helps us understand all sorts of nefarious past happenings, conveniently not reported as such by corrupt mainstream media.
  4. The Covid pandemic was part of a plan to enslave and depopulate humanity and the Covid jab is poison, but were given credence by said Cabal with support from the elites and media.
  5. Climate emergency is yet another hoax designed to control and distract the masses away from their dastardly designs.
  6. Industrial scale, barely reported, child trafficking is yet another example of the Cabal’s evil dealings and, while we continue to acquiesce to the status quo, justice cannot be done.
  7. NATO, the US Deep State, the globalists, President Zelensky are worse villains than Putin when it comes to deciding who is right or wrong in the current Ukraine conflict.
  8. Given the EU links to the globalist Cabal, increasingly being revealed, the UK were right to leave it (BREXIT).
  9. The British political system headed by Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat is broken, leaving a huge vacuum..
  10.  The British monarchy is not what it seems; it is in fact worse.

All this is regrettable when we consider God’s design for His Church is members (true followers of Jesus) be united as one in Jesus (John 17). Where one stands along the spectrum of ignoring or disagreeing with my points above altogether, choosing instead to avoid conflict and go with the flow, focusing on being peaceable Christians, to that of taking the opposite view, is a contentious matter and is one I have written about. In sharing a few of these concerns with a respected Christian Pastor friend, we agreed on two things: Satan does all he can to thwart Christians through his divide and rule strategy but, as Christians, our priority has to be fulfilling the Great Commission by making disciples from all nations for Jesus (Matthew 28).

Which brings me to the Big Enchilada and I am glad, concerning which, my preacher friend, my pastor friend, my “wronged” friend and myself, are in broad agreement. Where we may disagree is how much credence and importance we attach to and effort we give to addressing the points that I raised above. These matter and they all have consequences, and one of the practical outworkings of “loving thy neighbour” means we can’t just stand by and watch loved ones being killed by taking the poisonous jab and children being trafficked for evil purposes. I am in broad agreement with Alex’s resist message, albeit continuing to question how to go about it?

One fact of history is the people of God throughout have had to endure tyranny and recognising and responding to it has often been a bone of contention. As for why today’s tyranny, concerning which the ten points I shared above are evidence, this is to a significant extent due to those who are having to suffer having turned their backs on God and failing to repent. Our job is also to a significant extent straightforward: that is – to preach the Gospel in its entirety (see here) both through our words and in our lives.  


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