Trumpwatch 52 – hanging in there

Trumpwatch 52 – hanging in there

Warning: what I am going to write will not only upset the normal suspects who are living in the third dimension but also friends who live in the fourth (see here for definitions) who, while distrustful of the unholy trinity of politicians, media and experts / elite, have been persuaded it is unspiritual to expect a Great Awakening of any sort (see here for my earlier thoughts on the subject) and it is the heart of folly to give any credence to “Q” posts (see here for some earlier thoughts on Q). But always in the interest of finding common ground and resisting Satan’s divide and rule strategy, may I suggest folk who have read this far but don’t wish to proceed to skip to the end and check out the words of a song that was instrumental in my turning to Christ and governs my approach to living in the world to this day. For those who read on, let me say what I think is barely relevant, including my propensity of going down rabbit holes, and what God thinks is highly relevant. If there is counsel I can offer, it is what I have often said: test and weigh (everything), watch and pray (as to what is happening) and trust and obey (the Lord).

My last Trumpwatch episode was subtitled “Trust the Planand those who has checked out “Q” will recall that it is a phrase Q uses. Among Q followers (and Q posts are not easy to unravel and are often designed to mislead) are many who believe we are witnessing a great pantomime playing out and the white hats are in control, biding their time for people to wake up and the black hats to show us how bad they really are. Casting our minds back to the early days of Trump’s presidency, there was the Las Vegas shooting with its Saudi links and his first presidential visit outside the USA, when he visited Saudi Arabia, Israel and Vatican City in that order. Later there was a visit to Great Britain, including the Queen, when Trump broke with protocol and walked in front of her, and when he met Russia’s Vladimir Putin and was handed a (ball’s in your court) football. According to some, Trump was showing he had their number when it came to satanic child trafficking and theft of our money and other wicked crimes and was bringing in the Saudi prince and Russian president as part of his team and the plan Q invites us to trust – all of which is conspiratoral nonsense or is it? Yet we know only a fraction of what is really going on and now know the unholy trinity we once trusted without question are in fact liars.

Just over a year ago (3rd November 2020) the election for the 46th President of the USA took place. Almost from the outset I smelt a rat and, as more evidence came to light, I am 100% convinced not only was the election stolen but the swamp Trump went on about during his presidency is deeper and dirtier than I ever imagined and the conspiracy to put the usurper in place was off the scale epic wise. I am grateful to my friend Richard Barker for posting “Anniversary of US Presidential Election brings deep analysis of how it got flipped overnight in ALL states!”, one example of why I believe as I do. Like many, I expected by the time the next President would be inaugurated (20th January 2021) justice will prevail – but it was not to be and instead America and more to the point the whole world has been landed with Joe Biden (or his double) who has taken America to the brink of ruin and made the way possible for the evil cabal that darts in and out of the shadows, using their minions to bring about the Great Reset and with it their depopulation and enslaving humanity agenda. As for who are the evil cabal, I suggest watching Janet Ossebaard’s “Fall of the Cabal” series (see here).

While I am expectant Trump will be coming back soon as President (he has stepped from the shadows and now making his presence known), I have learned the hard way the Lord works in mysterious ways, including testing and refining his people so that they can do exploits for the advancement of His Kingdom that can never be shaken and bringing people to Him, and among other things Trump return is not quite the big deal I had once thought, simply because of the exposures I am seeing, although I still see him, having made many aware there is a swamp to drain and who the swamp creatures are, will play a part in draining the swamp and hopefully not be like Israel’s King Jehu, and replace it with his own swamp. In the year since the election steal, things have been happening to expose the wicked ways of that cabal, “NEW DURHAM INDICTMENTS! Obama, Biden, Hillary, Brennan & Schiff! Breaking Intel! Justice Is Coming!” and wake people up to resist vaccine mandates many governments are seeking to impose on their people, and how bad the Biden administration is (see here). Bringing down Babylon (see here for my thoughts) is what I am hoping for, and expecting because the Bible teaches it, but I am torn between notions this can only happen after the AntiChrist arises and what some “political” prophets and conspiracy theorists have said about the Great Awakening trumping (excuse the pun) the Great Reset.

Now I am going to upset some of my friends who are in the fifth dimension, who unlike their New Age counterparts, believe the political prophets, such as Veronica West, Barry Wunsch, Mark Taylor and Kim Clement (I mention these four as I like them too) who think Trump is not only coming back but is a jolly good chap. If David Knight is to be believed (see here), Trump is owned by Israel who are far from nice, as their actions over Corona vaccines demonstrate, just as the evil cabal owned / own Biden, Obama, the Bushes, the Clintons. And not all “awake” people are unreservedly pro-Trump as “BEWARE of Donald TRUMP & “TRUTH SOCIAL” (LOL!) It’s A TRAP (Gabriel & McKibben)” argue, giving reasons. My point is, while I believe still God has a part for Trump to play, we must not put our trust in any man and we must not go tribal and merely do the done thing and regurgitate what outspoken members of our tribe have to say. It can be a lonesome path but, instead of going with whatever flow, we do what the missionary who penned the words that follow said he will do, who lost his family’s lives and his own rather than forsake Christ:


2 thoughts on “Trumpwatch 52 – hanging in there

  1. Thanks for the endorsement John and here’s linked short briefing the mathematical proof of rigged election
    ” Dr. Douglas Frank has discovered, explained and demonstrated the algorithms implemented via voting machines in red and blue states throughout the country. Where sufficient data has been publicly available in any given state, as night follows day, Dr. Frank has been able to show with mathematical precision, invariably and irrefutably, how software algorithms determined voting results in every state he has been able to examine.
    There is one and only one explanation for Dr. Frank’s demonstrated analysis: the election was rigged. There is no other possible explanation. Mathematically certain, predictable results in every county of a state do not and cannot occur randomly or by happenstance or coincidence; they can only happen because they are programmed to happen…”…/

  2. We also need to note that not only has the USA become the DSA (Dis-united States of America), as expected in fulfillment of the late Kim Clement Two Presidents prophecy of 2008 and,, most sadly, we are witnessing its rapid collapse as ‘leader’ of the ‘free world’!

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