Third, fourth or fifth dimension – you choose …

Third, fourth or fifth dimension – you choose …

One of the shows I watch regularly is “The Charlie Ward Show” (see here for more info).

It happens, I have just finished watching two Charlie Ward videos:

Imho, Charlie is a New Age, syncretic, Gnostic, but I love the guy. The thing I love, is that he tells me stuff I don’t learn from the lying mainstream media and, when I check out what he shares, I either find out it is correct or, at worst, given what I now know, is a more credible explanation of what is going on in the world (on what really matters or else I wouldn’t be wasting my time) than the alternatives.

Yet again I have been struggling with depression. While the reasons may be complex and because I am not a good person, and are not altogether unrelated to my genes and journey thus far, one reason is I am increasingly finding evil b******* are getting away with murder and some Christian movers and shakers support the lies with sanctimonious pontifications and are happy to throw folk like me under the bus or send to the “Christian” equivalent of Coventry for not towing the nice Christian line, by calling out scum. Then there is the feeling of now being deemed surplus to requirements, consigned to the proverbial scrapheap. But today I was uplifted and, while I have seen better examples to confirm I am on the right lines, I found in watching a video titled “YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO: THE “UNEDITED” TRUTH ABOUT THIS WORLD that it made important points in line with what I have been saying. Even more encouraging was the reminder that there is nothing new under the sun and the Psalmist experience 3000 years ago is pertinent now.

One of the points Charlie has made more than once, and which strangely resonates, is people live in one of three dimensions. Most people live in the third dimension, where they believe what they see or are told by the unwholesome trinity of government, mainstream media and the elite / “experts”. Then there is the much smaller group of those living in the fourth dimension, who are beginning the wake up to the notion that things are not what they seem but they are uncertain as to what the true explanation is and thus cannot enjoy peace. And then there is the even smaller (but growing all the time) group of those living in the fifth (or above) dimension that are not only awake concerning the lies told by this unwholesome trinity but think they have the explanation, along the lines the world is run by a tiny cabal whose head is Satan himself, who is being exposed and taken down as I write. To some extent that is what the Bible teaches, but do we go down the path leading to the Antichrist, before the true Christ returns, or we will be rescued by the good guys, supported by those in the fifth dimension, as suggested by Charlie Ward, and is given support by modern day prophets like Kat Kerr?

Some holy and learned Christian may dismiss the above as bunkum or at least irrelevant, although they may subscribe to the notion of “But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them” 2 Corinthians 4:3,4. Their focus is living and proclaiming the gospel (or if of a more liberal bent, engaging in climate change activism), being peaceful, good citizens and living godly lives, and not to become embroiled in what they see as conspiracy theories. My response is while all this may be true, the issues facing us are too important to hide behind the excuse of ignorance or we are above the sort of concerns shared by the likes of Charlie Ward (and the growing number on his page). I identified at the end of last year that the US election steal and the Corona virus as being the two major unresolved concerns, and a year later that remains so, except during that period in-between all sorts of other evils have come to light, especially as Lucifer’s puppets have further shown their hand. While wanting to speak out and do my bit etc., I believe too “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” Ephesians 6:12.

We could ignore all this of course and concentrate on being nice Christians that don’t cause a fuss and go along with what church and secular leaders tell us, but that would be the way of the coward – and the Bible tells us what happens to the cowards in the end! Of course, we need wisdom; we need to know when to speak and when not speak; to accept what we can change and what we cannot change (at least not yet); to discern what is definitely true, what may be true, but we cannot be 100% sure as things stand, and what is not true; to learn how to be winsome, gracious etc. as well as to be brave, truthful etc.; to put our trust in God Almighty and not in people like Charlie Ward. “Love Thy Neighbor” has huge implications but along with “Love God” encapsulates what God expects of us. The world lacks good leaders and the same applies to the church; it is time for them who are awake to step up to the plate and put things like status and reputation behind them in the fear of God! I sense, for example, soon we are going into another Corona lockdown and the church that has lost its prophetic voice again respond inappropriately! I also sense the story in the UK is not dissimilar to that elsewhere! If we are to be a praying church, we need to know what to pray for and against! As for dimensions, where we need to be is in the God one, and always we must test and weigh, watch and pray, trust and obey.     


One thought on “Third, fourth or fifth dimension – you choose …

  1. John Hymus says:

    I stand with you all the way re Charlie Wars, John. Sure he has a speckled past especially with Jimmy Saville during ‘Top of the Pops’ era but he has learned and the amazing variety of courageous people he brings on his shows is nothing but impressive!

    Keep speaking out. Thank you. You’ll get flack. But hold firm.

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