What to make of modern-day “political prophets”, like Kim Clement?

What to make of modern-day “political prophets”, like Kim Clement?

Note: this blog comes with a health warning and may upset some folk who normally agree with what I have to say concerning what is taking place in the world when I do my watching on the wall.

I was recently in an online conversation with a sincere, thoughtful Christian who happens to see things differently to me. It was one of those exchanges I like for, while challenging / augmenting my own thinking, the tone was respectful. It was to do with my “favourite” subject – what to make out of goings on in the world right now, specifically America and concerning one Mr. Trump. I told him that, besides following alternative media rather than mainstream media (because it lies), I also consider what some of the “modern-day political prophets” have to say, like the late Kim Clement.

My thoughtful Christian friend informed me he is not much into what modern-day political prophets have to say, and shared an article titled: “Kim Clement, a Prophet?” where the author gave several examples of Kim Clement prophecies that have not come to pass. While I associate with those, who like me believe Kim Clement was a true prophet, not just because he foretold Donald Trump becoming US president, BEFORE he put his hat in the ring as a contender in the 2016 election, but because of other prophesies, like that to do with two presidents, one fake, which we are now seeing, but I get why some do not believe he was a true prophet, due to certain things he prophesied that did not happen the way he said it.

For those who don’t know, my church background is Plymouth Brethren. Many earnest PB types were much into Bible prophecy. While a lot of this was to do with end times, yet to be completely fulfilled prophecies, found in books of the Bible, like Daniel and Revelation, and many other of the Hebrew prophets, it was also to do with how their ministries were the result of and related to the events of their day and speaking just as God directed them. Many of the same people took the view, wrongly I believe, that with the Bible canon now complete the gift of prophecy is no longer available and those with the temerity to prophesy or go along with what others prophesy would be often called out as being misled etc. The right approach is the counsel the Apostle Paul gave to the Thessalonians.

My interest in Hebrew prophets and Bible prophecy that was triggered by my early PB mentors, and a fascination with prophetic utterances by the class of prophets I labelled as “political”, as they prophesy about what is happening in the world right now, that would have taboo to them as well as, ironically, some in the charismatic movement who are much into prophecy of the non-political kind (see my recent Prophetic Integrity and Prophetic Standards blogs) and got me to embark on a major, what I refer to as my Covid lockdown project. It was to write a book titled “Prophets of the Bible”, where I attempted to consider every prophet mentioned in the Bible (including those most don’t regard as prophets) and give a synopsis of what they prophesied – and for good measure, consider the subject of modern-day prophets and prophecy, including today’s more controversial political prophets.

When I refer to an unholy trinity of mainstream media, politicians and experts / elites, I could just as easily refer to another trinity (more unlikely than unholy) of New Age, Gnostic, Syncretic types, modern day political prophets and what Hillary and Bannon refer to as the “deplorables” (to which group I belong), which includes many MAGA Republicans the group Biden recently denounced, who react with righteous indignation and evangelistic fervour to what the unholy trinity would have us believe, who I see as a band of fools and villains that need to be brought to task before they do even more harm. Two sources I often refer to find out what the political prophets have to say are Richard’s Watch and Elijah Streams.

Two of my most post popular blogs (if number of hits are to go by), since entering the blogosphere some eight years ago, are “Revival or ruin; is Veronika West a true prophet?” and “Is Kat Kerr a true prophet?”. I do what we are meant to do – check out with an open mind. While my style may seem to be somewhat irreverent, I write in the fear of God, not wanting to curse what He has blessed. When I wrote about Veronika, it was with the mindset of “test and weigh”, and while subsequently studying her prophesies inclines me to the view she is the real deal, I still have doubts, e.g. regarding her recent Elizabeth and Elizabeth prophecies. Then I am reminded, every one of us are slaves, to some extent, to our own prejudices etc. When it comes to Kat, I am inclined to the view she is not a true prophet (albeit not in the Balaam league) because her prophecies often goes against what I am seeing and what the Bible teaches.

All this brings me back to the question raised in the title? I believe we need the prophetic voice today like never before (not so much to foretell the future but to reveal God’s heart, warn and encourage) – but it needs to be of the genuine and not false variety. This has been brought home to me in recent years as the church (including those on my theological wavelength) has caved in to the false narratives of the world, e.g. the Corona “scamdemic” and the Ukraine narrative, and the prophetic voice has been all too often silenced. While there may be good reasons to keep out of party politics, there is no excuse for ignoring the issues of today where unrighteousness and error abound. This was brought home yesterday when a member of my church told me his Year 6 son received flak from his friends for NOT supporting “Pride”. Prophecy is for today, both the many yet to be fulfilled Bible prophecies and because of what the Bible teaches us.  


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