A strange time in the UK – thoughts on Liz Truss

A strange time in the UK – thoughts on Liz Truss

What have Jonathan Pie and Paul Joseph Watson got in common (and who are these chaps and what have they got to do with today’s subject anyway) and why is it a strange time?

According to Wikipedia: “Jonathan Pie is a fictional character created and portrayed by English actor and comedian Tom Walker. A political correspondent, Pie appears in a series of comedic online videos in which he rants angrily about British, American, and Australian politics, with the videos being presented as though he were a real reporter giving his personal opinions before or after filming a regular news segment”. Also, according to Wikipedia: “Paul Joseph Watson (born 24 May 1982) is a British far-right YouTuber, radio host, and conspiracy theorist. Until July 2016, Watson embraced the label “alt-right”, but he now identifies as part of the new right. In May 2019, Facebook and Instagram permanently banned Watson for violation of hate speech policies”.

Before I go on, I should say the negative portrayal of Watson is regrettable. It is also a justification of why I often cite Wikipedia when talking about a new subject because, despite its wokeism etc., it shows how fair minded I am to cite it as a source, lol. But having identified my subjects, it is evident both have opinions on the events of the day, and today I listened to their rants, as I often do, and in both cases the central subject was new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss and the crisis that needs to be dealt with – rising energy costs that affect the most vulnerable. Often, Pie and Watson have different takes on the events of the day but they both make their points well, even when I disagree (more in Pie’s case than Watson’s), and are entertaining. I find both worth listening to, liking it that both operate in amusingly irreverent and articulate mode, while often like chalk and cheese in the perspectives they share.

Jonathan Pie comes with a health warning – he uses naughty words. In his video “Jonathan Pie on Liz Truss, Britain’s Next Prime Minister“, he sees Britain’s demise more along the lines of the rich screwing the poor and those in political ascendency not caring. He sees Britain going down the tubes and doesn’t see a way out. The energy hike in prices that new incumbent Prime Minister seems to have no solution is one example of the dilemma being faced. Paul Joseph Watson shares the same pessimism and concerns over rising energy costs, which he rightly sees as a result of bad government decisions in the past that led to this. In his video “A Strange Time in the UK“, he takes issue with the solution being suggested by Liz Truss to provide hand outs to help and not addressing the underlying causes, which is not so much the rich exploiting the poor, but rather the ruling elite doing so with nefarious intent. For some, like Watson, who see an evil cabal calling the shots, it is all part of a dastardly plan to enslave the masses so said cabal can consolidate their power to control us.    

Those who read my recent blogs will know I do not have a high regard for Liz Truss but the same could be said for all those who put their hat in the ring to become Tory leader. Her views on Ukraine, which as foreign secretary she was obliged to give, is but an example – she was very wrong. I also feel uncomfortable with the words of certain political prophets who see her like another Maggie Thatcher to combat some of the evil ideology affecting the nation and laying down a marker in the direction it needs to go. It is early days though and she has barely begun. What is clear to me is Pie and Watson are both right with the concerns they express but only the Lord God Almighty and the nation turning to him can deliver us.

God is no respecter of persons and often uses the unlikeliest of people to do his bidding. We must speak truth without showing favour or claiming we know all that needs knowing, act when we can do something to bless others and pray, including for Liz Truss. As for “a strange time in the UK”, who would have thought we would be seeing what we are seeing, even a few years back, and things are looking to get a whole lot stranger. Whether it be good or bad, it will probably be both. In the light of this, we do well to consider …


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