“Is Kat Kerr a true prophet” revisited

“Is Kat Kerr a true prophet” revisited

At the start of the year, I published my “Is Kat Kerr a true prophet?” blog and have discovered, to my surprise, that it has been, ever since then, one of my most popular blog postings.

As I ponder why this is so, when there are other of my blog postings I deem to be more important, it seems to me there has been a growing interest in prophets and their prophecies, and determining who are the true prophets of the Lord today. I hope too that my “Prophets of the Bible” book (see here) may shed further light.

When I earlier posted, I considered the place of prophecy in the church and what constitutes the real thing, bearing in mind the evangelical churches that I have been most associated with typically do not attach particular importance to these matters and, as for the charismatic churches that I am acquainted with, their main idea of prophets who prophesy today is within the context of the church and individuals in churches, with very few who are what I have termed as political prophets, who prophesy about world events, as did the Hebrew prophets, whose prophecies we read about in the Bible.

Yet this subject is an important one and also one where Christians differ. I discussed some of these more controversial aspects in my subsequent “prophets” blogs including: “Prophetic Integrity” and “Prophetic Standards”, where I note the antipathy of certain well known / respected Christian leaders to the political prophets, for example those who predicted Donald Trump would serve a second (consecutive) term as US President, and especially when holding onto this despite it not happening as expected. Some most opposed to the political prophets are the very charismatic churches that claim the gift of prophecy is for today and among other texts might quote Paul: “Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy” 1 Corinthians 14:1 ESV.

So back to Kat Kerr – my views are unchanged and while I am reluctant to call her out as a false prophet for reasons I gave and noting she has encouraged many in their service to the Lord, I still have major qualms. I note she continues to regularly appear on Elijah Streams (which can be found on Rumble), along with its host, Steve Shultz. Elijah Streams is one of the two main services I turn to for the latest words of political prophets. Unsurprisingly, it has its detractors. I recently came across an article (over ten years old) titled “Kim Clement, a Prophet?” which argues he is NOT, on the basis some of his prophecies did not happen in the way he said. Moreover, Elijah Streams has been seen, by critics such as these, as culpable for promoting those prophecies. Clements “two presidents” prophecy is significant in these discussions.

Another criticism directed at Elijah Streams, besides giving a voice to some who might be called false prophets, is bringing onto the show those who are not prophets (yet who claim to be Christian) that have a take on current happenings in the world that is compatible with and complementary to the prophecies that have been given by the political prophets (typically as a result of visions or dreams) who regularly feature on the show. Examples include Clay Clark, Mel K and General Flynn (all of who I have written about in my blog – mostly positively). All have featured on the Awaken America tour presently taking place, criticised by some for its new age, syncretist, Gnostic associations (with good reason, I should add) and is about presenting a false light, in line with the notion that Satan does his greatest damage posing as an angel of light rather than as the Prince of Darkness – something to test and weigh!   

As I was preparing to write this article, I watched the latest episode of Johnny Enlow being interviewed by Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams (all 92 minutes see here). Johnny, with reference to my earlier blog, I see as an authentic prophet of the Lord. That impression was reinforced watching this episode, not that Johnny was doing much prophesying, but he was referring to other prophecies (notably but not exclusively – Trump is about to make a comeback (consistent with Clement’s prophecy)) but more significantly giving his views on current world events (much of which I share) and on deep pastoral issues I found touching. I couldn’t help feeling, those Evangelicals that dismiss notions of modern prophecy altogether, along with supernatural gifts, and those Charismatics and Pentecostals that dismiss (and worse) today’s political prophets, hardly touch on the important content covered in this episode and the Church is all the poorer as a result.  

I mentioned “two main services I turn to for the latest words of political prophets”, the other is Richard’s Watch. What I like about Richard’s service is its focus on the prophetic word as delivered by modern day prophets, how these relate to current events and, importantly, how prophecies are being fulfilled, bearing in mind many take years to come to pass (many Bible prophecies have yet to be fulfilled) and often the dream / vision / word seems couched in some obscurity. Notwithstanding, helped by this website, what I find remarkable and encouraging is how many political prophet prophecies have come to pass or in the process of doing so, with the pace of acceleration now so fast that it is hard to keep up.

Much of my own background is with believers who take the view the Bible is all we need to know how to live in the world and respond to world events and as such needs to be studied intensely. That used to be my position, but no longer. I still believe the Bible is the ultimate authority and of paramount importance, for true prophecy must be compatible with Bible teaching, yet finding in these extraordinary days we need the prophetic word more than ever. Another change in position is to do with when to judge, noting Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount teaching. Yet there is a place for judging, if our attitude is right, and in this case when it comes to false teaching. We owe it to those who see things differently from us and to the flock!

As I conclude, I refer to two texts, given after this paragraph. Christians need to be in the truth business. While it is true, there is much truth we will never know (or meant to know) this side of eternity and to quote one minister friend – God does not shed all necessary light to any one favoured group of Christians (a salutary reminder when tempted to retreat to our own theological ghetto of comfort). We need people like the Sons of Issachar, who understand the times and know how we should respond. With reference to both of my chosen texts, we need balance (an intrinsic truth ingredient), as well as discernment when distinguishing truth from error.   

Update 26/07/22: I had not realised we were covering similar ground when I came across the article “DISCERNMENT HAS LEFT THE BUILDING” by Mario Murillo, a popular and gifted evangelist, with the heart of soul winner and an understanding of the times, earlier. I have just read it and some of the 400 odd comments that went with it. Many of the sentiments expressed are ones I share (and I loved his tone) – I was pleasantly surprised that me and brother Murillo were thinking on similar lines.

Update 29/07/22: And the drawing of lines: Kat a true prophet or not, continues. I am amazed and humbled at the number of those who have read this article, especially from across the Pond. As I indicated at the beginning, there is much else I would rather we consider and it is imperative that the people of God are equipped to fight against a formidable foe (Satan) even though we know God wins in the end, and He requires us to be faithful and trust in Him. I have noted some lack of grace in the Mario stream, referred to previously, maybe understandably. I like to think when Mario meets Kat in heaven the subject won’t be where are the cows driving tractors but rather concerning worshiping the Lamb, aka Revelation 5. As for Kat and Steve, they continue to stick to their guns (wrongly imho) yet showing magnanimity toward their detractors, at the same time maintaining the importance of holiness and a number of other commendable considerations. While we need to encourage the prophetic word, truth must remain paramount and Christians, at this time facing confusion, opposition, darkness and lies, are prone to deception, so this is the time to warn, encourage, hope and unite.


One thought on ““Is Kat Kerr a true prophet” revisited

  1. Sang Chun says:

    Thank you for your message. May God bless you! I agree with you that the Bible is the final criterion of truth. I also know that nobody is perfect except Jesus. However, would you pleae read 2King 2, Isaiah 38, Jeremiah 18, Jonah 3? Are Elijah , Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jonah false prophets? Please pray to God and inquire of God for the questions by yourself yourself. In Jesus’ love, Sang Chun

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