Is Kat Kerr a true prophet?

Who is Kat Kerr, some will ask, and before I attempt to answer the question “Is Kat Kerr a true prophet?” I need to provide readers with background and a context, and say why the question is pertinent and why I have qualms in attempting to do something I am both loathe and feel barely qualified to do.

My 2020 Corona Lockdown project was to write “Prophets of the Bible which attempted to consider all the Bible prophets and their prophecies, ranging from Enoch (around 3400 BC to John the Divine around 100 AD). In 2021, I produced a second edition which, besides adding new content, considered the part played by modern day prophets and prophecy (see here for a further reference to the book and for the transcript of its last chapter, which among other things considers the important topic of deception).

My own Christian background meant that I tended to associate with those who put a good deal of store on Bible prophecy and did not reckon much with the notion of modern-day prophets – i.e. the Plymouth Brethren. For convenience, I placed modern-day prophets into one of three categories: Firstly, there were the false prophets, who either lied or were deceived, who are part of a long tradition that go back to Balaam. Secondly, there were those with (it is claimed) the spiritual gift of prophecy, typically espoused by the Charismatics and usually focusing on local church matters, groups and individuals. Thirdly, there were the political prophets who considered current world events. While, a diverse bunch, many who I considered believed in notions like a “Babylonian system (ref. Jeremiah 50&51 and Revelation 17&18)” that is about to be dealt at least a blow and that Donald J Trump will be restored to the US Presidency (that was removed from him because of election fraud).

I can elaborate but, instead, I would rather refer readers to my book. Unsurprisingly many of these modern-day political prophets have come under attack by Christians of good standing as being false, sometimes pointing to the fact that one year on Trump is still not president. Then there are the notions of the Great Reset and the Great Awakening (or maybe a strange mixture of the two) and which is it to be? – something I also discuss in my book, as well as in my recent blogs. I have noted there are many theological stables, including them who broadly share my understanding of the Bible and even what is going on in the world. As a “watcher”, this has led me to a view: people tend to gravitate to one or other stable according to their life’s experience and axioms. Members, urged on by their leading lights, tend to attack those from other stables and all of us are prone to being deceived. Whatever our beliefs (prejudices, opinions etc.), these often tend to align with what suits us and we support whoever goes along with them.  

This is one reason I try not to align fully with any stable (noting no one has a monopoly on the truth), I am loathe to outrightly condemn those who see things differently, having observed this can lead to unhelpful division, and to question if and when I too am deceived, despite doing what few others do – study the Bible deeply and reflect on what is going on around me, even when a lot of it is hidden. But in recent years, not only have modern-day political prophets come to my attention, but many have played a part in helping my understanding of the world and the Word. The last one I checked out is Johnny Enlow, found on Elijah Streams (“JOHNNY AND ELIZABETH ENLOW: THE SILVER PILL AND THE 4TH MAN!”) being inclined to a view he is the real deal and what he prophesies is significantly important. Quite different, but someone I have found helpful and encouraging, is Veronica West, some of whose prophecies can be found on Richards Watch website.

Someone I listen to for his daily devotionals (found on YouTube), who is a prophetic voice, is Dutch Sheets. Someone who has had a profound impact is the late Kim Clement. One of the early prophets in this modern category I encountered was Mark Taylor, who predicted Trump would be president, long before it happened, and who I find helpful. However, his latest video “Mark Taylor: This is Probably the Most Important Video Any Christian Will Watch on Truth Unveiled” I found disappointing because he had a pop at one of the good guys, in the person of Clay Clark and his Awaken America tour. The truth is all sorts are waking up to the truth (e.g. Alex Jones, David Icke and Charlie Ward – all of whom I check out from time to time) and the fact they may be far from fully biblically correct should not be reason to dismiss them but rather to reach out in love and truth – which brings me to Spurgeon’s quote …

What has struck me in the past two years as I have seen a large section of the church, led by the leaders the “flock” defer to, rolling over in the light of the Corona charade and either disbelieving or saying “so what” to the notion that the world is largely run by an evil cabal intent on enslaving humanity, who ought to be resisted. What is woefully missing is those who truly lead or the prophetic voice giving God’s view on how to respond. When it exists, it is often ignored by said large section or, even worse, vilified. But who are the true prophets? As I said at the outset, I feel barely qualified to comment and, besides which, I am loathe to place candidates into good, bad or deceived categories seeing how often doing so is damaging and yet part of my remit is to warn. Since I have spoken recently about one modern prophet candidate (Kat Kerr) and have been taken to task for my dismissive attitude – this is my attempt to share how I go about evaluating the words she speaks …

Firstly, I do not wish to misrepresent the lady, who is a regular on the aforementioned Elijah Streams. Her recent video is titled “Kat Kerr Current Events Update December 29 2021”, a lot of which I agreed with, but with a notable exception (which I will get to). She is definitely in the modern-day political prophet category who believes Trump will be back and there will be a Great Awakening. Her particular “thing” is heaven, which she claims to have visited many times, in the spirit, and in her visits has identified all sorts of people who have died. One of whom was Walt Disney, now producing theme parks in heaven, yet someone who there is some evidence was an impenitent paedophile. In my less charitable moments, she reminds me of the “Christian” version of a spiritualist, the sort some visit in order to attempt communication with dead loved ones (a practice strongly forbidden in scripture).

This is a sore point for me as the person I loved most was my dad, who was an unfulfilled alcoholic, who was killed instantaneously in a road accident forty years ago and (as far as I am aware) did not make a profession of faith. But the next sermon following his death, that I listened to, was by a well-meaning Baptist minister, about heaven, containing nice, fluffy sentiments along the lines: wouldn’t it be lovely to meet up with dearly departed Aunt Fanny again. While I am reconciled to the belief whatever God does is right, the thought of not seeing my loved one in heaven is one I struggled with and maybe one reason for my initial uncomfortable Kat reaction (even St. Paul did not say much of his heaven experience). Then there is her belief there will a time of blessing on planet earth lasting for at least 100 years with, following a further Trump presidential term, and Mike Pence (another suspected pedophile) serving for two terms. Such beliefs, I judge to be outrageous, unscriptural and altogether presumptuous, especially as I see a world on a downhill spiral, with the scene set for the emergence of the Antichrist. Only when the true Christ returns, with the Antichrist system defeated, do we experience the blessings that come with His millennial reign.    

In short, I can only speak as I find. Whether Kat is a true prophet, a deceived one or an egregious liar, only the Lord knows for sure, and He will judge. As for us, I can but best quote a verse given to me as a earnest student wanting to know what God thought and desired, who had been warned off by my leaders at the time, when the charismatic movement came to town: “Quench not the Spirit. Despise not prophesyings. Prove all things” 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 and invite those reading this to do the same. We need wisdom to reject what God rejects and accept what He accepts, discernment to distinguish between what is true and what is false, and forbearance in recognising no-one is fully correct all the time. I pray the Lord will raise up the authentic prophetic voice in these days, to help as He prepares His holy Bride for doing exploits here down below, and to be ready for her marriage to His Son, when He “comes quickly”.

Update 26/07/22: see ““Is Kat Kerr a true prophet” revisited” posted earlier today.


7 thoughts on “Is Kat Kerr a true prophet?

  1. Carolyn Squier says:

    Paul speaks briefly of his experience of the third heaven in 2 Cor 12 : 1 – 6.
    I am inclined to meditate on what he has said regarding these things.

  2. Yes, that was the text I had in mind. A number of Bible characters had glimpses of the heavenly realm, especially those we regard as prophets e.g. John in Revelation. What Kat claims to see is a lot different and along with my theological qualms, I am naturally skeptical concerning her claims. Shalom!

  3. I believe Bible once wrong NEVER prophesize again, Teach and share the WORD due to your love and commitment to Christ. However, stay clearly, in the middle with scripture backing for all teaching and personal beliefs at that point. Also, you should acknowledge that you got it wrong by agreement and direction of 2 or 3 brothers in Christ.

  4. Michael Loiacono says:

    Read Deuteronomy 18:22. When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing does not come about or come true, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him (her). I saw Kat Kerr on television just days before the November presidential election in 2019 and she said that the Lord told her that Donald Trump would be elected president at that time. In fact, she was so sure that she had surrounded herself with balloons and decorations declaring Trump the winner. She either lied or was deceived and she is definitely not a prophet of God. Please don’t follow her.

    • Ruth L says:

      I agree with you heartily. (BTW, the election was not in 2019.) She is on live with Steve Shultz right now and is saying the most outrageous things. Hard to believe that Christians take her at her word.

      • Steve Shultz has some great guests (while she is not a prophet I enjoyed earlier today his interview with Mel K who gets a lot of what is going on). Sadly, he seems to accept without question what Kat Kerr says and while I would be happy to be told I am wrong in my skepticism in these days of deception and clutching at straws we must learn to question every utterance these so called prophets make.

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