Facing the Great Deception and handling Satan’s devices

Facing the Great Deception and handling Satan’s devices

WARNING: Fasten your seat belts folks. You are in for a whirlwind tour covering a lot of ground and hardly any of it all that deeply, but if you are not onboard with the ideas I am about to share already, it could blow your mind or at least it might challenge your own ideas. While I rather we focus on Jesus than Satan, we do need to wise up.

I should add that time and space and ease of reading are my priorities here but I can, if required, gladly elaborate, and in many cases have in the past – just go and check out my writings and blogs.

One major theme of the Bible (arguably the major theme) is how God is looking for a people of His own who he can fellowship with, and Satan has taken every opportunity to thwart God’s plans and usurp Him, having no qualms enlisting people for his cause and then destroying them. We first see him operating in the Garden of Eden and he appears throughout the Bible, notably in apocalyptic books like Daniel and Revelation and in many other books of the Bible, e.g. accusing Joshua in Zechariah and attacking Job in Job.

One of his devices, noted during the Corona pan (scam) demic and before that with Brexit and Trump and after that Ukraine and who knows what from a list of issues that includes climate change, LBGT inclusion and black lives matter, is to divide and rule. As one who has pronounced on all these subjects, I have found myself black listed by the “good and the great” in the Christian “brotherhood” and if not me, many others beside me have fallen out, begging the question: “who is deceived” and with sorrow note the fulfilment of Jesus “that they may be one” John 17 prayer has yet not happened.

Six weeks ago, I blogged on a subject I have given a lot of thought concerning, noting the deliberations of those in each of the three camps represented: “Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception” (along with a good many who are indifferent to either notion), and this is encapsulated in many of my thoughts then (and now) on one of the big issues imo of our time and examining how different Christians view the subject, noting there are several camps and it is one of those subjects that get many worked up and where we can see Satan’s divide and rule and deceive the very elect (reference Matthew 24) strategies working. My own inclination is we are moving into a paradigm where we will see all three at work out at the same time and provides a good reason for the concerns I raise.

I would say “Probably Alexandra” (see here for her website and here for her latest video, titled “The Root of All Evil”) is a Bible savvy Christian, who has a good understanding of some of the agenda behind the “Great Reset” but is skeptical (to put it mildly) of notions of the “Great Awakening”, who views Christians who support this as succumbing to “Great Deception”, on the basis Satan operates most effectively as an Angel of Light rather than a “Prince of Darkness”. While I do not fully concur (for reasons I have given in my afore-mentioned article and my “Prophets of the Bible” book), she does present persuasive arguments, e.g. General Flynn, one of the poster boys of the “Awaken America” tour (I have referred to – and I really like Clay Clark and many others involved) has fallen for or in danger of adopting erroneous ideas of the New Age, occultist, theosophists Elizabeth Clare Prophet and St Germain (whose ideas I have looked at, to the extent I can concur these are false prophets / teachers). Alexandra also provides thoughts on the very significant Quantum Financial Reset, yet which challenges my own (often a good thing).

Before I sum up and leave a word of encouragement, I wish to talk about books that are relevant to the subject, mindful of the counsel of possibly the wisest man who ever lived – King Solomon:

Three books that I have recently read and reviewed (favourably), which are relevant here, are:

  1. War on the Saints” by Jessie Penn-Lewis (see here)
  2. The Roots of the Federal Reserve” by Laura Sanger (see here)
  3. Covid 19 and Romans 13” by J.L.Fuller (see here)

One book I am presently reading, if only to size up the opposition, what some of the issues are, and what we are up against is “Covid-19 and the Great Reset” by Klaus Schwab (leader of the World Economic Forum). Both Schwab and his “prophet”, Yuval Harari, have been coming out with some of the same sort of stuff that beguiled Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden – God can neither be trusted and nor should He be obeyed, He is not looking out for our best interests and we can ourselves become as god. I am also hoping to revisit “Brave New World” and “1984“, for the authors, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell, both had profound insights into what we are now seeing, as the two books show.

Two books I have ordered, and look forward to reading, since they are both relevant to the subject being discussed here, are:

  1. Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices” by Thomas Brooks (one of the Puritan writers, whose insights I have often found valuable and applicable for today) – the introductory blurb about the book on the Banner of Truth website reads: “Brooks treated the seductive influence and terrible power of Satan in a way greatly more full and suggestive than in the literature of the present day. Brooks lists seven reasons for writing this book. The first reason is enough…Brooks says, “Satan hath a greater influence upon men, and higher advantages over them than they think he hath, and the knowledge of his high advantage is the highway to disappoint him, and to render the soul strong in resisting, and happy in conquering …
  2. The Space Trilogy” by C. S. Lewis – According to Wikipedia, “the trilogy consists of “Out of the Silent Planet” (1938), “Perelandra” (1943), and “That Hideous Strength” (1945). A philologist named Elwin Ransom is the protagonist of the first two novels and an important character in the third“. According to one member of my outlook on the world camp, Lewis saw back then what is becoming increasingly apparent to the likes of us now – that said protagonist is an example of one who is awake to the schemes of the bad guys and doing his bit to wake up others.

I should lay my cards on the table though, especially for those unfamiliar with my writings. I have little doubt that an evil cabal is running this world, with a line direct to Satan. In recent years, they have been exposed, perhaps like never before. Whether the white hats will take over from the black hatted evil cabal or people will sufficiently wake up to rebel, I am less sure. While there will be some Great Awakening, especially when it comes to the saving of souls, full peace, righteousness and justice will only happen when Christ returns and sets up His millennial kingdom. Before that we need to see Revelation 6 to 19 work out, including the short rule of the AntiChrist, but not including Christians raptured before then.

Let me plug my own book that attempts to give a Bible perspective.

I think I should close here, even though there is a lot more that could be said – not that I have lots of the answers as to what is really going on in the world (and there is lots) or delved as deep as I might have – it continues to be work in progress. I will continue to watch and pray, test and weigh, warn people and be accountable for my actions. The Book of Proverbs identifies two camps: the wise and the foolish; the righteous and the wicked; the godly and the ungodly. Sometimes, it is hard to decide who belongs to which camp but there is no doubt which one we need to belong to. While going against the tide is never going to be easy but, when it comes to speaking the truth and acting accordingly, it is always the right thing to do.

Grace and truth; hope and faith; patience and endurance; godliness and kindness; righteousness and meekness all matter. My hope is for readers to take seriously the danger we could be susceptible to Satan’s devices and avail ourselves of the many precious remedies that are freely available to us to counter this – and to sing with me:


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