Mel K, Clay Clark, Spurgeon and the Battle for Truth

Mel K, Clay Clark, C.H.Spurgeon and the Battle for Truth

I am a fan of Mel K, Clay Clark and the late C.H.Spurgeon!

Whether or not CS would approve, given MK and CC hang out with dodgy New Agers, like Charlie Ward, I neither know nor care, for the words that truly matter are the Lord’s. None among CS, MK and CC know it all and can’t be 100% right in what they say / do. Our job is to be faithful to the Lord and can look forward to His reward. 

One of the news stories (mainstream and alternative) I woke up to earlier, besides the distinct possibility the evil cabal are looking to bring about a worldwide famine as part of their secret war to enslave the masses, is Ukraine winning this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. A deplorable friend said “Eurovision Song Contest, naturally Ukraine is voted winner, man with pink knit hip hop pink pussy hat imploring world to help rescue the Nazi militants refusing to surrender to Russians, as they continue hiding in the basement of Azovstal Plant in Mariupol. This is truly a postmodernist mindscape, a Black Mirror episode that just won’t end”.

If nothing else, it all illustrates there is a battle for truth going on as I note some non-deplorable friends let it be known they are pleased with the result since it was a win for justice. Two stories, where two other deplorable friends have been bending my ear, but are on my “to blog about” back burner, relate to WHO plans and 5G rollout. Two articles by way of taster, on my “to be checked out list”, are: “Everything you need to know about the World Health Organization’s Orwellian Pandemic Treaty” and “5G and is it harmful?” but it all comes back to the “Battle for Truth” issue.

I have been following Mel K for a little over a year now and find her to be a breath of fresh air. Not only does she “get it”, she is sold out to God and the good guys winning and presents in an engaging and intelligent fashion. Listening to her provides me with all sorts of valuable information and insights into what on earth is going on in the world. The latest I watched is “MEL K on the “Elijah Streams” Program”, which literally blew me away. I concur with some accompanying blurb: “WONDERFUL, comprehensive overview by independent journalist and blogger, “Mel K.” She covers the proverbial waterfront regarding the agenda and methodologies being used against the people of the world by the Satanic oligarchy”. When asked by a friend for a brief synopsis, I wrote: “She sees world events orchestrated by the cabal with the normal suspects: Obama, Soros and the US Deep State etc. being the front men. I have to admit she puts forward a strong case and the only thing letting the cabal get away with it is the unawakeness and indifference of those who are being oppressed as a result”.

(Edit) And so it goes on. I started watching Mel K’s latest video: “Mel K & Christie Hutcherson On Being Brave, Standing Up & Fighting Back To Save Humanity” about allowed attacks on America via its northern as well as southern borders, which I found to be harrowing and had to stop listening to keep my sanity – this is serious stuff folk and Mel K is a hero for helping to sound the alarm – but will people respond before it is too late?

Like Mel K, Clay Clark is a dynamo of energy and passion about what he sees going wrong in America in particular and the world in general, whose kudos is he does his research and there is little I would disagree with when comparing with my own findings. His latest video, as a result of checking out Bitchute, is “Clay Clark announces upcoming events in epic fight for LIBERTY and JUSTICE in America”, and while I can’t get into all of his videos because there are so many, I check out a good many of them for the truth bombs he drops, such as his recent appraisals of two influential men currently in the news: Yuval Harari and Elon Musk. I found out about him through Kim Clement’s prophecy and the Awaken America tour, which Clay organises, and which attracts a diverse group of deplorables who know what they are talking about. As for my dismissive Christian friends who put down his efforts, for either they consider we should be above such considerations or the tour involves New Age types, I say “ignorance is no excuse” for not responding in a godly fashion to the momentous events of our times, from the point of view of knowing what is truly going on rather than being beholden to the untruths which the unholy trinity (politicians, media, elite) tell us, and for that I thank God for Clay (and Mel).

It would be interesting to know something that would be impossible to find out this side of the grave – what the beloved, saintly, hero of the faith C.H.Spurgeon would have made of the deliberations of Mel K and Clay Clark, mindful of his stand for truth and counsel to avoid those not walking in the way of truth as he saw it. Closer to home are the observations of a friend who is married to a Baptist minister, that those graduating from the college the great man founded are often left leaning politically and, rather than focus on the great doctrines of faith that so occupied CHS, are more into things like LBGT inclusion, climate change and black lives matter. Rather than do a poor job summarising CHS’s life long struggle contending for truth against those undermining it, I refer readers to this article: “Charles Spurgeon and the Battle for Truth: “What is neo-evangelicalism? Though many descriptions have been given–both by its proponents and by its enemies–I believe the root problem is a lack of zeal for the truth. I know its proponents will not agree with this, but I am convinced this is right on target. Think about it. Knowledge of the truth is one thing; belief of the truth is one thing. But Holy Spirit-wrought zeal for the truth is quite another. Is the Holy Spirit zealous for the truth? Consider that one of His names is the “Spirit of truth” (Jn. 14:17; 15:26; 16:13) …”.

In conclusion, the first thing I would say is while Mel K, Clay Clark and C.H.Spurgeon are all worth checking out because of what they have to say and their perspectives concerning the Battle for Truth, they are not the be all and end all on the subject and none of them see the whole picture. The one we should be following is the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Truth. As for the “Battle for Truth”, it is all too real and too important to ignore or avoid. If I can end on a note of encouragement and hope (which we all need), while living in a world where lies crop everywhere, including in the church, in all sorts of (often subtle) ways, it is the words of yet another old hymn:


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