Watching on the Wall and keeping close to God

Watching on the Wall and keeping close to God

In today’s text, it is clear the Psalmist saw seeking God early (the NIV has it down as earnestly) to be his priority. He thirsted for God, recognising he was in a dry and thirsty land without water. Later on in the Psalm, we find him still meditating on the Lord at the end of the day. God, and His power and glory, was the Psalmist’s main focus when he woke up in the morning until he went to bed at night.

I have long taken an interest in local politics and have regularly communicated with local politicians and those working in the community on what the issues are and what their approach could / should be. I was asked if I would myself consider running for political office and my answer was NO (although if I was younger and in better health – maybe). I said, I had enough on my plate as a “gospel preaching, community activist, watchman on the wall” and in my dotage felt I might do better passing on what I know and provide what practical and moral support I can and am allowed to give the next generation, to help them to make their contributions.

It seems to me that when the millennial kingdom does eventually arrive it will be ruled over by the Lord Christ, who is prophet, priest and king, who perfectly combines all three offices. It seems too, as I survey around me, that we are not well served by secular leaders (kings) and nor are we by spiritual leaders (priests) and as for prophets, these hardly get a look in. I am not a prophet, but I am a watchman on the wall who takes as his role model the Children of Issachar, who’s summing up of the situation prevailing at the time was important for the people of God in knowing how to respond.

Recently, I was grateful to a friend, who I have yet to meet, for his encouragement in the watching on the wall department and especially some wise counsel on approaching my watching in a godly and balanced fashion, and has been the spur to write as I do. Issues include, there being so much going on and knowing what to watch, e.g. reports and videos; much of what I am watching is harrowing, especially when it comes to bad people doing bad things and getting away with it, not helped when good people accept what they are doing; and the need to maintain spiritual equilibrium and balance. 

Bitchute, Facebook and the BBC are all sources I check out on a regular basis, and there is a lot more besides. None are perfect, although some are better than others and some are downright dishonest; all have some agenda and invariably mixed with a lot of “skip overable crud” (which I try to avoid). These both complement and contradict one another. There is a danger replacing the lies of mainstream media with the unfounded conspiracy theories of alternative media. There is also the prophetic, for I continue to check out Richard’s Watch and Elijah Streams. The challenge is deciding what to focus on and doing so while maintaining a good balance and with respect to the thought that I began and will end with. At the risk of rewinding the proverbial gramophone record, I seek to “watch and pray”, “test and weigh” and “trust and obey”, all work in progress, but these words I use when I encourage others.   

Before I conclude, I would like to give a list of issues that currently concern me (all of which I have touched upon to varying degrees in the past) and some of the latest developments as seen from my own vantage point, mindful some I focus on more than others, but doesn’t make those I don’t less important. Thus I cannot cover everything; nor do I claim to understand everything; nor do I have any intention to neglect gospel preaching, which is something I am beholden to do. That is not to say there is a lot of other stuff I can and should be attending to, especially where I can make a difference, e.g. my current task is updating a leaflet informing rough sleepers and their helpers telling them where to go for help. All of these big issues matter, some reported on; some not or falsely, especially if, as I am coming to a view is the case, there is a tiny evil cabal intent on subjecting the inhabitants of planet earth to the rule of Satan.    

What follows are notes (no more) but all topics mentioned are significant and all form part of my world watching brief – some more deeply than others. Earlier this year, I wrote a series of three “Is the House of Cards about to fall” blogs (see here). While I see the bad guys being exposed by the day (the recent trial of Michael Sussmann, following the John Durham investigation, is an example of this), that house still appears to be standing and we have to wait and see if/when justice is done and, as I have reflected in the past, there being a Red Sea moment or the row of dominoes falling. Incidentally, the implications behind what the Durham (and other) investigations are revealing look like being huge and a vindication for the basket of deplorables for challenging and upsetting the status quo, when claiming the world is run by wicked people, in cahoots.

Election fraud

Shortly following the November 3rd 2020 US Election, I knew there had been shenanigans but I had no idea how extensive and that includes the original fraud, the subsequent cover up and failure by the relevant authorities to investigate claims. The recent release of the film “2000 mules” is further confirmation of this and more proof that will further help toward exposing and punishing the fraud. But we are not there yet and notably mainstream media have dismissed the story. When I plugged the film on my Facebook page, I got yet another warning against posting false information.  

Corona vaccine

While, like most, I was prepared to accept that the Coronavirus was for real (and have had first-hand experience of it) much of the narrative around it I have been sceptical of and measures taken to deal with the pan (scam) demic and effects I have been antipathetic toward. As for the “vaccine”, I smelt something fishy before roll out began and my suspicions have been confirmed, especially in the light of stories to back up my misgivings. The Bible text: “You were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies” 1 Corinthians 6:20 is justification enough for not taking the jab.

Future pandemics

It seems to me there are two competing ideologies (both flawed): globalism and nationalism, with most world leaders going along with the former, supporting the likes of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, who opposed by a handful of nationalists, like Trump and Putin. Few believe we have heard the last of the plandemic and that it is only a matter of time for a new variant or virus to sweep the world, begging the need for a global solution. This is where the corrupt World Health Organisation comes in with countries agreeing that the WHO can determine how to respond.


Recently, a climate change activist friend posted concerning worldwide famines, which are due, at least in part, to climate change. I suggested there may be a more sinister reason and that it was being orchestrated by the cabal as part of the Hegelian Dialectic to bring about their New World Order plans, using ideas out of the play book of Stalin and Mao, such as preventing the growing of food and centralising food production and distribution. I should add that war often leads to famine. e.g. re. Ukraine. While these are ideas I need to research and develop further, there are enough alarm bells being raised for me to include famine in my watchman list.

Climate change

It seems we are now being indoctrinated to the notion that we have a climate emergency on our hands and unless we act decisively, including measures to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and switch to renewable energy sources, there will be a global catastrophe. For two years, the Corona scamdemic was the number one emergency powers that be would have us focus on, but Climate Change has never gone away and now back in the fore. Even politicians who are lukewarm to these ideas go along with then. Surely, we should take better care of the environment, but what we see is another scam.

Race and immigration

My city is not untypical in having a sizable homeless population and a shortage of decent, affordable accommodation. The recent influx of Afghanistan and Ukraine refugees only adds to the problem. In the UK, there are wider issues, such as needing to provide Christian charity and letting the wrong foreigner in (e.g. Muslim sex grooming gangs) and keeping the wrong foreigner out (e.g. genuine asylum seekers). The issue of border security, e.g. the US southern border, is concerning. Then there is the racist card being played and that of black lives matter and BLM. Ironically the well reported US Buffalo shooting has been put down to white supremacy. We are now seeing a worldwide refugee crisis that is orchestrated by the NWO brigade.

Transgender and transhuman

In my lifetime, I have seen a huge shift toward LBGT acceptance, with more recent shifting of emphasis on transgender issues, where not only are we told to accept people who do not wish to identify with their biological gender but need to make full allowance for those who thus identify or else be penalised, as often happens. Recent pronouncements by the likes of Yuval Harari of the World Economic Forum concerning the merging of man and machine and by Klaus Schwab that the Fourth Industrial Revolution, now well underway, essentially changes YOU, should be cause for concern.   

Ukraine and other hot spots

There are many hot spots in the world where significant things are happening. We are dependent on the media for reporting this. Now it is what is going on in Ukraine, triggered by the Russian invasion. If we follow mainstream media, we might be left in little doubt the Ukrainians are all the good guys with the Russians under Putin the baddies. Moreover, the Ukrainians are winning, helped by huge amounts of money given to their corrupt government by the US, UK and EU. Alternative media, however, paint an entirely different picture, one that is involving money laundering, corruption, Nazi style military, Bio Labs, human trafficking, all now coming to light  


The roll out of 5G is nigh inevitable as my mobile phone provider recently proudly informed me. This is not a subject I have much focused on of late and I am grateful to a friend for reminding me that 5G and EMF radiation (made worse because of the bandwidths used) is an issue and wondering how best to counter the worst effects. e.g. wearing necklaces of healing crystals (Shungite?). I can’t claim to have a counter to what appears to be inevitable, other than raise the alarm. I have no doubt the surveillance systems envisaged under the Great Reset are far more potent than that described in “1984”, will receive a boost because of the faster speeds 5G offers.

Child trafficking and abortion

It is all about the children for it weren’t I may not be quite as driven as I am. Abortion and child sex trafficking (and satanic sacrifice) is what I am talking about, variants of which linked to the worship of Baal and Molech in OT times is what so angered God. The battle is far from over. In the US, the overturning of Roe v Wade is promising but a backlash is noted, including some states allowing abortion up to the time of delivery and after. As far as the UK goes, making abortions easier is also a matter of concern. Child sex trafficking happening on a huge scale and often not reported (and as a result my points may be responded to incredulously by some), linked to deep underground bases and tunnels, is the crime of our times!

Preparing for the future

“Hope for the best and prepare for the worst” is generally sage advice, especially for our crazy times, and I am not a good example of how to act. Murphy’s Law “if it can go wrong, it will go wrong” applies and we are already seeing supply chain breakdowns and given those who run the show are psychopaths, I wouldn’t put it past them to orchestrate things going wrong, not just regarding famine but in the loss of societal norms, already seen in the plandemic. We can do sensible things like prepare for emergencies, grow our own food, have reserve supplies and drink uncontaminated water.

Money makes the world go round

I should say something about money, and in particular the corrupt world financial system that benefits the cabal and debt enslaves the rest of humanity, and relates to many of the issues and concerns raised earlier. If there is going to be a big change about to hit the world, it may well be regarding finance, but whether for the better or for the worse or a form of “better” part of the Great Deception, I have touched on in previous blogs and will probably do so again when I know more. “US Federal Reserve”, “Quantum Financial System” and “Nesara Gesara” I have become more aware of in recent days. I am presently gripped by a 3 hour video I am trawling through: “NESARA GESARA Saint-Germain Liberation Of Humanity – Full Movie Documentary” which despite New Age associations makes pertinent points. My point is financial reset (for want of a better term) is something huge to watch out for.

In conclusion

Having sounded the alarm (which in OT times was the main role of the watchman), we ask: where do we go from here?

As we conclude, I am reflecting on a recent video watched, titled “Situation Update: Bringing Down The House! Cabal Using WHO To Push NWO Great Reset! Cabal History …” declaring something huge is about to happen. Is what is being claimed part of the Great Awakening (to counter the Great Reset) or merely part of the Great Deception? I cannot say for sure, but can say, this is the time to sow, reap, break and to seek the Lord.

There is lots of news reporting / commentary out there (of varying merit) and the question is begged, which items should I / we check out, and what about meditating on the Bible and praying to God? As always, I urge great caution and great discernment and we should be concentrating on doing what it is God has ever been telling us to do.

Being faithful to a faithful God

That is, we need to be faithful to Him who is ever faithful, to put our trust in Him and not in man or our own cleverness etc., accepting there is much we don’t know and won’t know this side of the grave. As we review the points I made above, many of which are without doubt alarming, we may despair over our own inadequacies, but we should remember we are in the Lord’s army and that He wins in the end. We are called to overcome by the blood of the Lamb, knowing the Lamb (Jesus) has and will triumph over the works of darkness. Please pray for me, and I for you. While I invite readers to check out what I have said, I would rather you heed the words of the Psalmist.


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