Trumpwatch (57) – Trump announces his Presidency Campaign for 2024

Trumpwatch (57) – Trump announces his Presidency Campaign for 2024

It has ever been so that whether they are around for a short or a long time, world leaders come, stay around a while, then go and are often forgotten, only to be replaced by anything from much the same to radically different. When I started my Trumpwatch series not long after he announced his candidature for the 2016 US Presidential election, I sensed that despite my misgivings over Trump the man, at the time him going on to be President was significant and it would be like watching a cat set among the pigeons or a wrecking ball.

What is undeniable is there has always been something interesting happening around Trump, even when he was out of office officially and it is why I deemed it worth my while writing the 56 previous Trumpwatch installments (my last one was three months ago: “Trumpwatch (56) – Trump, a Cyrus or a Jehu?”). He is far from perfect (who is) but has been given his assignment by God to drain the swamp. He began to do this during his four years as president, during which time we saw how deep and dirty the swamp was, and in the two years he was out of office, even more so. His job is only just begun – we now know many of the swamp creatures and have an inkling of their deeds, but the swamp is not drained. True it requires people to step up to the plate and to wake up (sadly many good people are asleep despite evil that is in plain sight) but Trump imho still retains his commission. Seeing him in action in his rallies recently, where he appears on good form despite his age, confirms my view he is ready to lead the charge. One of the most powerful images concerning Trump since I began my watching is that of a wrecking ball (in a good way). Methinks, he has lots more to wreck.

Not that I expect the BBC to be even handed when reporting anything Trump related but its “As it happened: Donald Trump launches 2024 White House bid” report is a reasonable account of something pundits have long been expecting – his announcement to run for US President in 2024 (see here for “Donald Trump announces he’s running for U.S. president: Full speech”) where among other things he declares war against the forces that have brought America to its pitiful state today e.g. the Biden regime, and stands on his “make America great” record during his previous tenure as president.  

While I have lost friends in my support of Trump (sadly brainwashing by the media etc. occurs even among goody goody Christians) he doesn’t get a free pass from me. I like Ron Desantis, who some who share many of my perspectives would like to see run as president, but my gut tells me Trump is the right man for the job, just as I rated him over that nice Ben Carson in 2016. He made mistakes in some of his choices for office; some object to his comments along the lines “I have done more for Christianity than …” or his enthusiasm in promoting the Jab. I am no more a Trump apologist than any but I see his record as outstanding. Besides which, no-one knows what is going on behind the scenes and every day I see more evidence of evil pitted against him and his agenda.

Today, I watched a video titled “SG Anon: The Cabal, The Patriots, The Military & The Plan From A to Z – Elijah Streams Excerpt” and was gobsmacked, if that were possible, given what I perceive, by some of the background behind Trumps bid, much of which and a whole lot more Trump would have been aware off. As a master strategist, I have little doubt he timed his announcement to perfection. I am mindful too that likely as far as the military is concerned, Trump still is the President. Concerns include the great election steal of 2020, along with history repeating itself in the recent mid term elections. While consigned by most as conspiracy theory, this talk of military operations going on behind the scenes to undo the unconstitutional treason taking place is possible, reminiscent of Q’s “trust the plan” but everything and anything that is being and to be done has to be by the book, with the baddies being allowed to operate while waking people up.  

I was both relieved and disappointed by Trump’s announcement. I would rather he had said something I didn’t know, but one thing I have learned on my watching journey, of which Trump is a part, is the need for patience along with humility when it comes to speaking what I don’t know for certain (and while I am convinced there is an evil cabal running Planet Earth, there is much I don’t know). I should add a caveat though – given the war of words and symbology, I suspect within his announcement are coded messages, yet to be played out. Like many who are awake enough to realise the subtle way evil is playing out in the world, I ponder the important part Trump, well adept in the Art of War, has to play challenging it and which combination of Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception awaits us. One thing I do know is the need for one to “Watch and Pray, Test and Weigh, Trust and Obey” – not in Trump but the Lord God Almighty, who can be entirely trusted.


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