Death of the Queen; Long live the King

Death of the Queen; Long live the King

As the good books says: there is a time to mourn and for the past ten days many have been mourning, for Queen Elizabeth II, who died 8th September 2022, and yesterday was her funeral.

For this reason, I have delayed sharing my thoughts, which are neither pro-monarchy nor anti (partly because I do not have all the facts or a complete understanding) and out of respect for those who are mourning the death of our sovereign, including Christian friends I highly respect. But write I must, given my remit is to reflect on significant events of our time, and what could be more so than this? While the official mourning period has been extended, with the funeral now over (and it was a splendid affair) and much to the delight of many of my Christian friends a very Christian occasion, although a few have pointed to symbolism that they claim is anything but Christian, it is back to “normal”, although some of the craziness I have been blogging about recently now looks to resume, and the prospect of life now “London Bridge is down”.

Checking out the 2000+ entries I have added to the blogosphere since my first “Hello World” entry, February 22, 2014, it appears I have submitted three articles specifically to do with the Queen. The first was six years ago, to coincide with her 90th birthday, and the second and third both earlier this year. I note a change of tone in that six-year gap, which is a lot to do with my own “waking up”:

  1. The Queen who is serving the King at 90
  2. Operation London Bridge and Queen Elizabeth II
  3. The British Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

I don’t particularly want to go over old ground and, if readers want to follow my thought process, I would recommend they read the afore-mentioned three articles. When I contemplated writing this article, I resolved to read up on the subject by reading articles and watching videos from a number of sources and offering a wide range of views. Also, I read peoples wide ranging views, typically on social media. It seems that on mainstream media, YouTube and Facebook, what one reads / sees tends to be pro-Queen (ranging from mildly to strongly pro), whereas on alternative media, Bitchute and Telegram different perspectives are offered (from mildly to strongly anti).

I was actually born just before the Queen came to the Throne but in the seventy years following her becoming Queen she has been an ever present figure, especially when it comes to significant national events. It is easy to point to her qualities, especially in the light of her family indiscretions. Words like dignity, duty, dedication; wit, wisdom and humour all come to mind. Two endearing and enduring qualities often reported and reflected on are her strong Christian commitment and that she is above expressing political or ideological views. With that comes the quality / gift of being able to relate well to and making feel at ease those from all walks of life and opinions.

All this and much more are bound up in the tributes people have made concerning the Queen. Perhaps, a surprise to me, is the strong sense of loss many have felt, evidenced by the tributes paid by those, including people I would least expect, the attendance of many at events remembering the Queen, held up and down the land, the many hours people have been prepared to wait in a queue in order to pay their own tribute as her body laid in state, and many services shut down or restricted. There is little doubt, her passing marks the end of an era, begging the question what the new one will be like.

Those less enthusiastic might look with incredulity at the extent of mourning one who is symbolic of one’s own slavery and, whether knowingly or not, has played a significant part in upholding an establishment that is not for the benefit of the common man, maybe like the Queen in the Wizard of Oz. Some claim the British Queen holds no real power, yet is a force for good; a notion disputed by others who wish to abolish the monarchy. There are some who subscribe to the idea there is a tiny elite cabal running the world, who not only include her as an integral part of that cabal but believe she has played a part with her own crimes against humanity, and given she heads among many other things the judicial system is virtually untouchable should any wish to seek redress.

I hope the very positive legacy (in the eyes of many) the Queen has left will remain, but only time can tell and none of us know enough to say for sure the image presented by her very effective PR machine is the correct one (I hope it is). As for Charles, the transition to him becoming king has gone remarkable smoothly and he has thus far made to right noises to persuade sceptics that he would be a good, God honouring king. But he is quite a different kettle of fish to his mother and unlike his mother has been very forward with putting across his views; some of which I find concerning and even chilling.

As with the Queen, I have been following him much of my life (he is only two years older than me). In the early part, I warmed to him as someone with noble ideals trying to take on a positive role. To an extent, that view changed with the breakdown of his marriage with Diana, although recognising no-one is perfect and all deserve a second chance. Then there were concerns over his links with notorious pedophile, Jimmy Savile. But what currently concerns me are his overt associations with the afore-mentioned evil cabal, specifically the World Economic Forum and his advocacy of what I perceive as a harmful ideology, namely globalism and the control of the many by the few, is a matter of grave concern, and his speech when he came recently to declare my town (Southend) a city; much if it devoted to condemning the Russians for invading Ukraine.

Charles, when speaking about climate action at the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow on November 1, 2021, made what I and others saw as a startling statement regarding “economic transition,” which is the Great Reset advocated by the WEF that helped sponsor the event: “Here we need a vast military style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector, with trillions at his disposal far beyond global GDP, and with the greatest respect, beyond even the governments of the world’s leaders. It offers the only real prospect of achieving fundamental economic transition.”

I have deliberately kept the tone of what I have written “low key”, mindful that even then I may offend some. But we must not be ignorant and it is concerning that good people, including sound Christians, have swallowed what some would describe as royalist propaganda, as well as those who latch onto the latest conspiracy theory involving royalty, unquestioningly. The death of the Queen not only marks the end of an era and a start of a new one, but from my watchman on the wall perspective looks alarming if we ignore God is in control. Besides telling folk to “test and weigh”, “watch and pray”, “trust and obey (God)”, I would remind them our first priority is to be obedient to scripture, which has a lot to say about kings and what our response ought to be to them (even to the bad ones):


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