The Coronation of King Charles III

The Coronation of King Charles III

This is a stake in the ground post that might well be followed up once the dust had settled and when inevitably we see further developments, and while there is, as always, all sorts of significant goings on in the world that I am watching and deserve to be reported on, this once in a lifetime event is very significant.

I was alive at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (Charles’ mother) but only just and I have no first-hand memories. As for Charles, a little under three years older than me, he has been waiting in the wings a long time, and long time in the public gaze. While he became king eight months ago, tomorrow it all becomes official. From what I was told by those who were around, Elizabeth’s coronation was a spectacular event. Whatever our views about Charles’ coronation, that too promises to be a spectacular event.

During my lifetime, I have gone from pro-monarchy, monarchy indifferent to anti-monarchy, and this is based on my observations, not just concerning King Charles III but Queen Elizabeth II, other Royals and those closely connected to them. I mention the two together because there are some folk who I highly respect who, when she was alive, admired Elizabeth as a Christian queen who knew her duty and was exemplary in doing it, but often they do not share that same sentiment concerning Charles. Rather than go over my views here, I refer readers to my last “Queen” blog, recognising my views have evolved over the years based on knowledge: “Death of the Queen; Long live the King and my last “King” blog: “King Charles; is the Antichrist living in the world today?

I have tried to be measured in my comments, recognising there is much I do not know and dealings that are hid from all except for God and a tiny elite. I am mindful, people reading this express strong views either way concerning the relative merits of the monarchy. While free speech is under threat, people these days can more or less say what they want and they do. It wasn’t such a long time ago when criticizing the monarch was a treasonable offence, punishable by death. It is also worth noting there has been a recent phenomenon, a vociferous “not my king” cohort and the anti-Charles brigade not only comprises those who see outright evil in his past dealings and associations, but includes those who ideologically are anti-monarchist, those who can’t cast off the memory of several past Royal scandals, not all of which involved Charles, and true socialists who look upon the whole business as an anathema.

I am also conscious that we are called to pray for our sovereign and to honour him / her and, indeed, unless it conflicts with our duty to God, to submit and obey. While we may not like many rulers, it is God that allows and deposes rulers, good and bad. But I for one won’t be giving my pledge of allegiance (that goes to the Almighty alone), and I won’t be joining any celebration, although I recognise some will want to celebrate, and that is fine. I am glad that some of my Christian friends see this as an opportunity to share the Gospel. I will be watching some of the proceedings on television, the timetable for which has been published and is found online (check out “Coronation timetable: Your complete guide to the day”).

As a watchman on the wall, I perceive with alarm the moving of my nation (and most other nations come to that) down the line of deception, which will at sometime usher in the short rule of the AntiChrist and his calamitous reign on Planet Earth. Our leaders, temporal and secular, have gone down this route, as has Charles himself. In all these major seats of power, e.g. the Anglican Church and the British government, there is an alignment of spiritual deception, which can be exploited by the evil spiritual powers that seek to bring us under their control, and is cause for concern.

There has been much debate concerning the Christian content of the coronation and how all this squares with the King being “Defender of the Faith” (in the past Charles has shied away from this, wanting to appease all faiths). Even if his coronation will encompass much Christian imagery (how much, who knows, given Charles syncretic views and support of the bad people pushing the Great Reset), we all know words alone are meaningless, although he will be made accountable. While the 33 minute “URGENT CORONATION PROPHETIC WARNING – with Emma Stark | Decree The Week!” video comes with it my “Test and Weigh” warning, a lot of what is said makes sense and resonates with my own thoughts.

To sum up, my feelings about the coronation are mixed and the best I can do is warn and pray God’s will be done.


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