Money makes the world go around and beware of deceivers

Money makes the world go around and beware of deceivers

It has been but four days since posting my “Red October and the arrest of Trump article and a lot has happened already, and is now happening, although you wouldn’t know it if going by what mainstream media tells us, but today I want to talk about MONEY, before taking a short break from blogging as I head off to the sun.

Part of the great upheaval about to descend on Planet Earth concerns money. One of the big exposures concerns the corrupt Federal Reserve and the siphoning off of money by the rich and powerful, often stealing from the poor and with wicked intent, and we are already seeing financial turmoil that looks to escalate. We know where it will all end, as shortly prior to the Messiah coming to put things right we read: “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” Revelation 13:17. Already we see signs of heading in that direction, compared with fifty years ago when I first heard sermons preached on the subject. Moves are afoot to do away with money altogether, along with the “You will own nothing, and you will be happy” message of Klaus Schwab and The Great Reset brigade, where one’s money equivalent allocation is controlled by an (we know best) elite, who are running the world, and is doled out according to how well one complies with what is expected etc.

Part of my checking out of alternative media includes the podcasts of one Nicholas Veniamin, who often has great guests on his show, providing useful insights and information as to what is really going on, which mainstream media often omits or twists. One episode I have recently checked out is titled: “Everything Is About To Change”, a lot of it to do with money. Much of what is reported as taking place resonated with what I am picking up elsewhere – a subject for another blog methinks, mindful things will have changed significantly, even in the short time I am away. But I have a big qualm: while there was a lot of truth, there was too much of a new age feel about what is presented, for example, with its references to Saint Germain. The Nesara / Gesara system proposed by what I hope are the good guys (explained for example on the Charlie Ward Show (check out his NESARA / GESARA HOW IT WORKS EXPLAINED podcast)) seems undoubtedly far preferable to one planned / hoped for by the Great Resetters, but my reading of the Bible is things will only get significantly better for humankind after Jesus, the true Messiah, returns to planet earth to set up His millennial kingdom, and just before that the reign of the Antichrist.

Six months ago, I wrote “Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception”, when I pondered on where things were going and suggested, along with a bumpy ride, we may be in for a mixture of all three, even though I hoped there would be a Great Awakening of the right sort, in terms of a re-energised church, people coming to faith in the true Messiah and all sorts of evils, after being exposed, are swiftly dealt with. As for deception, I have little doubt most inhabitants of planet earth are deceived and, sadly, many Christians, including the shepherds of the flock. It is not just a matter of the great doctrines of faith that have been argued over this past two millennia but what is happening in the world: Covid and Ukraine to name but two, as well as the adoption of wokeism and all sorts of error the Devil is past master in pushing, which he is intent on doing so still. We are in an intense spiritual war; it has ever been thus and we need to put on the whole armour of God to withstand. I am also of the view no Christian group has the whole truth and many have succumbed to error just as Jesus said would happen. Be aware: Satan is at his most dangerous when appearing as an Angel of Light rather than the Prince of Darkness. We do well to consider the often quoted words of Jesus, which still seem strangely relevant today:

I will end here, and will pick up again later and in the interim would once again encourage folk to …


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