Thoughts on the rise and fall of Liz Truss

Thoughts on the rise and fall of Liz Truss

I have been out of the country for a period while loosely following the fortunes of Britain’s newest Prime Minister, and when returning Thursday it was to news she was about to step down.

There are loads out there concerning this significant news story and it is not my intention to go over what can be readily found out. Rather, my intention is to reflect on how Liz Truss got to become Prime Minister and after 44 days and enormous pressure to do so, step down. While it seems that everyone who voices opinions has done so (usually negatively), there is the question: what next? While being driven home from the airport, with the car radio tuned to LBC, I listened for a good 20 minutes to some chap ranting, having a deep dig at Liz Truss and the Conservative Party. While, imho, this was another sanctimonious, smart Alec, know it all (the sort that gets me stirred up, of which there are many – Jonathan Pie, the comedian, being a good example on the subject as are the authors of many of the mean memes on Facebook) he did make some valid points, the main one being that those at the top are self-serving and don’t care about the poor people who are suffering due to the current crisis.  

Before I get going, I should say I am a political neutral, and am not favouring any of the main (Conservative, Labour and LibDem) parties and feeling a sense of gloom that, following a hapless set of recent Prime Ministers, there is no-one (at least if the bookies are anything to go by or from what I can see) suitable for reversing the trend of the UK becoming worse off and lacking direction etc. As far as Liz Truss goes, when considering her alongside others who put their hat in the ring during the recent Tory leadership contest, she appears to be not significantly better or worse than they. And while this sounds all too depressing, it gets even deeper given Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, is already making noises about there needing to be a General Election, with him then becoming Prime Minister, imho, worse than any of Dave, Theresa, Boris and Liz.

The other thing to say is I am not a big follower of British politics these days, despite not so long ago being a keen observer. There are good reasons for this, such as the ineptness of the main parties and an incredulity we are led by fools and villains, but the main one, perhaps, is I find it all too depressing and I need to conserve my mental health. So, when it comes to Liz’s big plan to get Britain back onto its feet, using tax cuts that benefit the better off as one way to achieve this, this was a cause for so much hiatus and untoward reaction (including a run on the Pound), with a major U-turn, senior sackings and resignations to follow. The writing, some would say, was clearly on the wall for all to see and her standing down was virtually inevitable, and one doesn’t need to be a political expert to have predicted that which might happen did actually happen.

When it comes to politics, I find these days, what with the Trump factor and all what is going on as a result of a stolen election and the advancement of the plans of the globalist cabal to take control of planet earth, that happenings in the US interest me more than that in the UK. I started a series titled “Trumpwatch” and later one titled “Boriswatch”, the former I still add to and the latter I don’t. The reason is simple; besides coming to a view that goings on in the US to be of more significance and interest, I felt with Boris, while he was the right man to “get Brexit done”, to an extent succeeding in doing so, having been anointed and appointed by the Almighty to lead the UK at the time, but after having done so he then rolled over and let the globalists take control and succumbing to the Covid nonsense and, from what I could make out, allowed his ego and wife to dictate what he did, ahead of serving people by addressing social injustice, taking advantage of new found freedom from EU tyranny, although in fairness the globalists did up the ante. With Trump, I have good reason to believe he still has an important part to play in draining the swamp, rallying the resistance and opposing globalism.

The UK political situation is dire but I am optimistic for reasons I will get to. I admit, I was bemused the Conservatives chose Liz Truss to lead them, which says a lot about the state of the Tory Party. Just before returning home, I watched a video featuring a discussion between John Sergeant and Michael Portillo, both political pundits that back in the day I followed, who I respected when I did. Both were dismissive of Liz Truss’ leadership, as was one of the Alternative media I follow, whose analysis I deem mainly sound: UK Column, concerned more with the UK drift to globalism and the taking away of individual freedoms with, for example, legislation like the Schools Bill and Online Safety Bill, presently going through Parliament, seeming to lead us in that direction. There are many others I can cite that are also anti-Liz and it is tempting to go along with them. One of my gripes against her was, as foreign secretary, she completely failed to get what is going on in Ukraine (then so did most of the alternatives). Disappointingly, in her short resignation speech outside “number 10”, she had a pop at Putin, as if he was at least partly to blame for the dilemma she faced when becoming Prime Minister. But while away, my opinion changed somewhat.

What made me think twice was due to two things that happened to come my way. Three people I regard as genuine political prophets spoke positively regarding Liz Truss, who they saw as anointed and appointed by the Lord for the big job, even though, like Boris and King Jehu in the Bible, but unlike Trump, failed to deliver when she could have. But as Trump found, the forces that wish to bring about, what I have discussed in previous blogs, a satanic inspired New World Order, are considerable. As I say, I don’t know enough concerning the policies she proposed that caused so much consternation, but the fact it was the baddies who were her fiercest critics made me think she may have been doing something right. For some of my anti globalist cabal friends, Klaus Schwab, is one of the leading figures in the baddie brigade. It happened, while away, I read his book: “COVID-19: the Great Reset” (review to follow). While deeper analysis is needed, it seems that the ideas of Schwab and many of her critics are at odds with some of those of Liz Truss.

Soon, we will know who will replace her, with Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak being the bookies favourites. And the Pantomime goes on, with no obvious Churchillian figure on the horizon and Keir Starmer and his wolves baying for blood. But, as I have said – I am optimistic, not in human ingenuity but in the God who hears His people’s cries. One thing I have learned is nothing happens in isolation and, for those who want to know what is in my thinking, just go through my recent blogs. The truth is, even the most awake among us cannot connect all the dots. I also think the British people, including church leaders, have been brainwashed as to what is going on and need to wake up. People may well come up with ideas of what ought to happen. As for me, it is as clear as day that what is needed is national and global repentance. The Almighty is not to be mocked and, while not beholden to any of our timescales on what should be happening, He is also merciful. The Lord’s people should watch and pray AND use this opportunity to preach the gospel.  


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