Right to Life, Southend MPs, Ukraine and Millstones

Right to Life, Southend MPs, Ukraine and Millstones

An email I received from Right for Life UK (see here for their website) on Wednesday 30/03/22 included the following text, concerning the vote in the House of Commons the previous day on the “Health and Care Bill: Government Amendment (a) in lieu of Lords Amendment 92

I just wanted to update you to let you know that MPs have just voted by 215 votes to 188 in support of the amendment to the Health and Care Bill to overturn the Government’s decision to end ‘DIY’ home abortion schemes. This means that ‘DIY’ home abortion schemes will be allowed to run in the future. This is a great loss for the unborn and will likely have a strong negative impact on the physical and emotional health of women. It appears that the majority of those MPs who voted to make ‘DIY’ abortion permanent were Labour MPs. Although Labour MPs were not officially whipped on this vote, it appears that a letter that went out to Labour MPs yesterday from Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, which strongly “encouraged” them to vote in support of the amendment, contributed to the outcome today”.

Since this had particularly upset friends in my church (as well others I know concerned about the Abortion issue), I posted the following, having checked out the facts from the government website detailing how MPs voted: “According to https://votes.parliament.uk/Votes/Commons/Division/1273, James Duddridge (unsurprisingly) voted to continue the DIY abortion schemes and Anna Firth (disappointingly) also voted for. A minor encouragement was that the majority of Conservative MPs voted against”. I am not here to name and shame the two MPs, who represent my city and, as I often point out, I am a political neutral and I suspect if the “other lot” had got in they would have voted along the same lines, but our elected representatives need to be made accountable for their decisions to the people they claim to represent, notably including supporters of their predecessors (Sir David Amess in the case of Anna Firth and Sir Teddy Taylor in the case of James Duddridge), both ardent pro-lifers, in whose footsteps Firth and Duddridge had pledged they would follow. Importantly, fellow Southenders need to know.  

While the issue of abortion concerns me, especially here in the UK, with the reversal of the trend to make abortion harder, including abortion up to birth and in some places (more US than UK) after birth, pro-life means a lot more to me than abortion and my concern for the young and innocent extends to after they born as well as the religious systems of the worship of Baal and Molech, that go back to Bible times, now seen under a different guise, perpetrators who abuse children in various ways, such as Disney executives in the US, implicitly follow. This includes what children are taught in public education and the usurping of parental rights, various forms of child abuse and satanic child sex trafficking. I confess my interests on what is going on in the world go far beyond right for life but these are nevertheless related. I also confess I did not petition my MP as to his voting intention, even seeing to do so as a waste of time.

More controversially, I refer to Ukraine and bring up something that you are unlikely to find if out if all you follow is mainstream news, which presents Russia and Putin as bad and Ukraine and Zelensky as good, and yet say little about the Khazarian Mafia who control Ukraine, that was sanctioned by the US to further an agenda that was more to do with gaining power than doing what is best for the people – and besides BioLabs, money laundering and huge changes in the world financial system, and neo-Nazi brigades (MSN are now being forced to report) there is the matter of child trafficking. While this needs further investigation and there is much we do not know for sure, but hopefully soon all will be revealed, I was intrigued by the response by one Russian general to the question of how long they are going to remain in Ukraine – it was until they had rescued all the children, concerning which I end with the words of Jesus …


2 thoughts on “Right to Life, Southend MPs, Ukraine and Millstones

  1. Avril Betts-Brown says:

    Hi John
    I have to disagree with you!(what’s new?) I disagree because you didn’t bother to write to your MPs. Your letter could have made all the difference to how they voted . I am so sorry they refused to vote for life. But also what do they say-evil prospers when good men do nothing. Why is the nation in the state it is. Why are millions of babies killed each year-because good men do nothing & the church has not taken its rightful place in society as salt & light-…so evil finds a space & happily fills it. MPs are supposed to represent the people & if we rise up & spoke out we could change the direction of this nation. As it is our MP did not vote-I have yet to take her to task ! It maybe worth asking your MP why they voted the way they did. I dare you to ask!

  2. Thank you for your rebuke Avril, which I take in the spirit intended. I probably will not be writing on this occasion but I will not let the matter drop. I have written to and engaged with my MP in the past and the only reply was pre-scripted propaganda, which I found insulting. It is a shame these people who get on their write to your MP high horse do little else – I am not prepared to play the game and instead focus on where I can make the biggest difference. Of course, when it comes to singing one’s praises (or not), I will leave that to others and ultimately to God. But when it comes good men doing nothing, I have been speaking against evil, of which this is but a part, in the public square, much of it linked to the worship of Baal and Molech, which abortion is, I daresay more than almost everyone I am aware off. I have done so for a long time now and have paid a hefty price as a result. Shalom!

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