Are you being brainwashed?

Are you being brainwashed?

Yesterday, I posted a photo on my Facebook page along with the comment that was something on the lines that I had been shopping earlier that day and, for the first time since lockdown, in March 2020, I did not wear a mask. The reason why I had worn the mask, even though I believed masks to be ineffective (see here for a good rationale why) and oppressive (see here concerning my historical thoughts on things to do with Corona), was for a quiet life (admittedly) and not to cause grief to low paid shop workers who were expected to enforce the no mask rules, but the notice said I could ditch it, and since I was invited to feel free, it is what I did.

I noted that of the fifty or so people who were in the shop at the time, only five exercised the option NOT to wear a mask (from what I can make out this was typical). I was intrigued by the comment by one anti-masker that it only goes to show that people continue to be brainwashed. Admittedly, the accusation as to who is being really brainwashed can come from both camps: the masked and the unmasked, the former accusing the latter of lack of consideration and the latter accusing the former of blind acquiescence, as well as on many other issues that divide society (including Christians) right now. The penny then dropped on what I should blog about next, bringing together recent assorted and related thoughts at the same time. Interestingly, I touched on the subject of how easy it is to be misled in my recent Canaries in a Spiritual Coal Mine blog.

I decided that I needed to approach what is a delicate subject biblically, as a lot is said about how we treat our brain (the KJV uses the word “mind”) and these were the first three texts that seemed relevant on the subject – and there are many more. There is no doubt the world, the flesh and the devil seek to attack our mind and we need to protect ourselves and be seekers after the truth, but it comes with a warning, based in part on observing those who make this a priority. The Bible is all about balance and Jesus was full of grace and truth and we are told to speak the truth in love. Often what happens, when we fail to maintain balance, we unnecessarily alienate those who we want to win and give ammo to scoffers.

As people who follow my blogging career know, I tackle some contentious subject and get myself into hot water as a result. I do so because I believe the Lord has called me to be a watchman on the wall, mindful I have fallen into the very traps mentioned in the previous paragraph. I could almost sympathise with those who continue to wear the mask, for example. The only thing that changed on so called Freedom Day (19th July 2021) was the government lifting restrictions. Moreover, people are conditioned to believe what the government tell them, especially if supported by mainstream media, the “experts” and Christian ministers. As for their detractors, are they not influenced by conspiracy theorists and the sort of people those who appear to control the narrative warn us against?

As always, I attach the “test and weigh” caveat to views I express, and declare I am not infallible and I sometimes get it wrong. But I see a generation going down the path of deception, just as Jesus said would happen and feel compelled to do what watchmen are meant to do – warn others. I make no apologies to my anti-mask and, come to that, anti-vax views. “A Final Warning To Humanity From Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon” provides compelling reasons why “vaccines” do harm and added to this is the real threat of vaccine passports, the false positives that come from PCR tests and the nonsensical pings resulting from the NHS Track and Trace app, plus the avoidable collateral damage if things do not change in the way they should, and no wonder I feel compelled to persist in being a pain. The same goes with the great US election steal evidenced by what is coming out from the Arizona audit, with other states to follow, as detailed in Steve Bannon’s war room (see here) – and there is much more to add to strengthen my case. 

My point is that whether you agree with me or not (and I care not), none of us are immune from being brainwashed, and we are responsible for seeking to ensure we are not and especially if the loving thy neighbor bit from one of our earlier texts holds. We are beholden to the truth (tempered with love and grace) as it is this that sets us and our minds free. We need to be equipped by putting on the whole armor of God. After all, knowingly or not, we find ourselves in echo chambers that are pushing certain lines and we are influenced by our own world views, what we know and our own beliefs, interests and prejudices. The best thing we can do is NOT to put our trust in anyone, at least when it comes to deciding on what to think and do etc., whatever their merits, to research and question that which comes our way and, above all, follow wholly the Lord.


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