Who are the true prophets today (2)?

Less than two weeks ago, I submitted my first installment of Who are the true prophets today?

In it, I asked the question are there true prophets today, and who are they? I did not answer the question entirely and said wait for Part 2 for the answer. This is Part 2 and because the matter of prophets who predicted a Trump second term is not yet resolved, I will hang fire with an answer.

And yet even in this short time there have been developments, including my writing a new section for the second edition of my Prophets of the Bible book. I title this 2020 and the prophetic but since 2020 is three weeks from ending, and I expect a lot to happen in the interim, what I wrote remains work in progress, but given there are many important considerations to reflect on, I do so here.

Yesterday I posted an article titled: Christian unity and those annoying conspiracy theorists. In it, I reflected on a matter that divides Christians – conspiracy theories. For a long time now, I have been waking up to what seems to me an obvious fact and that is mainstream media, including our beloved BBC, puts out fake news and, because I want to know what is going on in the world, I look elsewhere for information, including what subscribers to the “official narrative” call “conspiracy theory”. Given my interest in prophets and prophecy, I often turn to what “the prophets” have to say.

In checking out what other Christians, including them who are more spiritual and knowledgeable than me, I found, unsurprisingly, those who believe in modern day prophets and those who don’t, with those from both groups recognising there are false prophets but disagreeing who are the true and who are the false. I identified two groups within the “I believe there are true prophets today” contingent. One I identified as traditional charismatics who see prophets and prophecy purely in terms of guiding the local manifestation of church. The other I identified as political prophets in the Jeremiah mode, who speak into what is happening in the world today. I have found some in that first group to be dismissive of those in the second group, who they accuse of subscribing to conspiracy theories and believing outrageous things like Trump is good for the world and will be re-elected for a second term as US President, in spite it now being obvious that Biden is soon to become President. Moreover, when this is finally realised, those in that second (second term) group will be rumbled.

Despite a major cover up by mainstream media, confirming the belief I have long had that much of it, including social media, is corrupt and dishonest, it is becoming evident by the day that wholesale wickedness has been afoot to steal the election. How this exposure translates into Trump winning the election remains to be seen and we all watch with interest (ranging from widespread dismissal to anticipation of a miracle in the Moses parting the Red Sea category) what happens next. I confess, I have followed for some time what these Trump supporting, or to be more accurate those supporting a Trump presidency as a counter to a New World Order vision of the world which they consider to be horrible and even ushering in the reign of the Antichrist, have prophesied, and a lot of what they do say resonates, to which I add my test and weigh caveat.

I don’t claim to be a prophet but I am a Watchman on the Wall, whose job is to warn. Neither am I into endorsing prophets and I try to respond circumspectly and biblically. My most popular blog of 2020 has been Revival or ruin; is Veronika West a true prophet? and not far behind that Is Pope Francis THE False Prophet? I confess a little surprise but if nothing else it shows many, like me, longing for the real thing. Revival or ruin, or to put it in more traditional Bible terms, mercy or judgment; which one now faces the world? I say the world, and not America, even though the USA leads the free world, because I see the final outcome of the US Presidential election in such stark terms. I mentioned earlier Jeremiah, who if pushed I regard as my favorite prophet, because when he prophesied, unpopularly, he predicted imminent ruin for the Southern Kingdom of Judah, with revival under its Messiah in the distant future. I sense God will vindicate His true prophets (but more of that in Part 3) and while He is at it, expose and judge evil. Even so, I believe there will be much trouble ahead, but also believe there will be revival based on truth, justice and righteousness.

If there is a message to end with, it is NOT to look to ANY of mainstream media, conspiracy theories or prophets but instead to look to the Lord and rest in Him alone. Whatever happens next, God will act in His way and what we will see will astound us all and it will be to His glory. All we must do is to hang in despite the darkness and the demons, and to pursue holiness, and to watch and pray!


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