The Coronation of King Charles III (2)

The Coronation of King Charles III (2)

I wrote part 1 of 2 of my “The Coronation of King Charles III” series, a day before the Coronation. On the day of the Event, while I was not glued to the screen, as some were, I watched many of the more significant parts. Today is a bank holiday because of the Coronation, and many are still celebrating, e.g. by street parties.

One of my predictions that was difficult to get wrong was it would be a spectacular event – and so it was. The more jingoistic side of me makes me proud to be British with its traditions and long history, once of the view that a constitutional monarch was the right way to go, and ability to put on such a fabulous show, better I’d say than any other country, and a great advert for Britain with, arguably, the ensuing benefits helping to offset costs. Despite my recent criticism of the BBC, their coverage was superb, including careful attention to every fine detail. For those into celebrity watching, major and minor, foreign and domestic, across many walks of life, this was undoubtedly the best show in town.

While there has been inevitable criticism, the overall consensus was it went very well and, as for the “Christian” aspect, that came across strongly and whatever one might think of the major players, e.g. King Charles and Archbishop Selby, as professing Christians, the Christian message came through loud and clear to the huge, diverse audience looking on and via television. Given the multi-faith composition of attendees and the need to be inclusive, this was a remarkable achievement. On the matter of faith, I am pleased that a number of Christian friends who wanted and were able to use this occasion as an opportunity to share their faith.

The concerns I raised in my previous article remain and, without any prompting from me, these continue to be aired, with new ones added, such as the “Diana factor”, the “not my king” protestors (who were given short shrift by the authorities in the name of security), Charles’ links to the sinister World Economic Forum (well proven) and his links to satanic child trafficking (I hope NOT true, but one hard to prove because as king he is above the Law), the masonic symbolism, the enormous and inevitable cost when it comes to staging such a grand event and the feelings of some that this is all sentimental hogwash. These won’t go away soon.

While some respected Christian friends place hope that Charles, fulfill his oath, abide by Christ’s teachings and serve others, with the repeated emphasis, as with Christ, he would be serving rather than be served, all of this is a matter of let’s wait and see. While I am still uncomfortable with responding to the invitation to take an oath of allegiance (as many have without hesitation), I will obey and pray for King Charles, but always my allegiance is firstly to God and I will not obey this king when it means me disobeying The King.


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