Hymns and Gospel songs I find uplifting – the new

Hymns and Gospel songs I find uplifting – the new

In Part 1 of this two-part series on hymns and gospel songs, I considered what were among my favourites (I was spoiled for choice) that were already around by the time I was born.

In this (Part 2), I want to consider hymns (but more songs, often with a lot of repetition and less deep theologically – because that is the way it is) I have found helpful, having surprised myself here too we are spoiled for choice, that have been around after I was born, having vied with the old for popularity among many Christians. Old equals stodgy yet profound and new equals superficial yet uplifting is an often-presented judgment, with at least an element of truth, yet I would argue in the ten examples presented here there is depth and reverence, qualities critics may argue are missing. I will follow the same formula as before: present the lyrics, explain my choice and include a link to where in my opinion it is best sung.

I want to first make an important point. Worshipping of God (provided in spirit and truth) is one of the best things we can do. It not only blesses God but we are blessed. Worship from a traditionalist point of view is not just singing old hymns with deep meaning before and after the sermon, or from a modern point of view, a happy-clappy jig experience where we are invited to emotionally let rip with endless repetition on the in-vogue themes of the day – yet could contain elements of both. It can be a cause of division but the truth is there is no prescribed way to worship other than we worship aright. Worship is often accompanied by song if we take up Paul’s exhortation. Amazingly, of all the Temple worship details David carefully attended to, singing including no doubt some of his psalms was an important factor, even accompanying prophesy. And singing was a big deal throughout the Bible, whether when Miriam waved her tambourine after the Israelites crossed the Red Sea or the worshippers around the Throne on which sat the Lamb, they worshipped, as portrayed in the Book of Revelation.     

Days of Elijah

I just love this song that raises expectancy that the Lord is at work in our day and here sung by real men.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

Majesty worship his majesty

This is a song sung back my youth that encouraged me to worship and with good reason.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful

A song of a brilliant musician, Keith Green, that laments our lukewarmness when seen in the light of His beauty.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

You are My All in All

This one really touches me, especially when I have strayed or am being tempted to do so.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

Lord of the dance

The least sound theologically of all my choices maybe, but my mum loved it and it invariably brings a smile to my face.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

El Shaddai

Here is worship through music of the Almighty seen at its best and its most sublime and stirring.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

10,000 Reasons

A group of condemned criminals singing this just prior to facing the firing squad is another reason for blessing the Lord.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

In Christ Alone

This song nails it, as it reveals where our hope ought to lie.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

The Servant King

Another song of my youth. It is about the King of kings yet is servant of all, whose example we ought to follow.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

I have decided to follow Jesus

Recant or die was the choice faced by a missionary. He sang these words just before he was killed. I learned it at the time I was saved.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.


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