The life and times of David – the good, the bad and the ugly

The life and times of David – the good, the bad and the ugly

David was a man of many parts: shepherd, poet, prophet, musician, warrior, outlaw, king, father, husband, adulterer, murderer, worship leader, loyal friend, man of God, favoured by God, to name a few.

Of all the human characters in the Bible, more is said about David than any other. He is the one that subsequent kings of Israel are compared with, and lauded as an example to follow. He features in many prophecies. He is often referred to in the New Testament. He is a flawed character but also a man after God’s own heart. Much can be said as we reflect on his life and times: the good, the bad and the ugly. Many have written about and reflected on David and many different approaches have been adopted for doing so.

As far as this attempt goes, we will consider our subject in ten parts: parts one to eight, through the lens of eight people he had significant dealings and interactions with; part nine through the lens of an assortment of characters, not covered previously, and part ten through the most important lens of them all – God’s:

  1. David and Samuel
  2. David and Goliath
  3. David and Saul
  4. David and Jonathan
  5. David and Bathsheba
  6. David and Absalom
  7. David and Joab
  8. David and Solomon
  9. David and Company
  10. David and God  

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