David and Saul

David and Saul

In Part 1 of our “David” series, we established how God chose David to replace Saul as King of Israel as he was a man after God’s own heart, who saw something others failed to see, and in Part 2 we found compelling evidence why this was so when took on the giant, Goliath, who had defied the armies of the living God.

It was some twenty years before David became the king recognised by all of Israel and for much of that time this was as a result of Saul hanging onto the throne, even though he had been rejected by God. It was nevertheless an eventful period for David and one of him being prepared (by God) to take the Throne.

Initially, David had Saul’s favour. One of his accomplishments was as a musician and even prior to defeating the Goliath his qualities were brought to Saul’s attention. After killing Goliath, David’s reputation was enhanced, especially among the people, and David was given a high position in Saul’s army, where he performed admirably with God’s help. But this also caused Saul to be jealous.

What followed was years living as an outlaw, having the flee from Saul, who wanted and tried to kill him. David amassed around him is small, effective army of discontents. He had many adventures, well documented in 1 Samuel. This was a testing period for David, and one when he wrote some of his greatest Psalms, e.g. 57 and 142. Even though committing a large number from his army to hunt down David, not only was Saul unsuccessful but, even when the tables were turned, David refused to harm the Lord’s anointed and. when Saul was killed in battle, it was cause for a great lament.

There was a further period of sometimes bloody civil war between the houses of Judah (David’s house) and of Israel (supporting the house of Saul) before David was crowned king, and all this time David’s character was being refined, during which he began to win battles to secure Israel’s borders etc. What we have seen thus far in our story of David is illustrative of how God deals with the people He chooses and the need for them to be patient and faithful.

PS: When doing these Bible Studies, besides checking out online versions of the Bible, I am always interested in what sound Bible teachers have to say on the subject, especially when giving new or fresh perspectives, and believe I have found one, whose insights, (see here) e.g. “King David Part 3. Tested“, were helpful.


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