When Piers Morgan met Alex Jones

When Piers Morgan met Alex Jones

I suppose it was around 9 years ago that I discovered Alex Jones, as I was beginning to wake up to the fact that the world is not as it seems. I also became aware of our (Britain’s) own Piers Morgan.

I recall in those early days Alex Jones being interviewed by Piers Morgan and Andrew Neil, the two, widely seen as masters of their craft, often bringing out important points in their interviews. In Alex’s case, I am not sure to what extent that was what happened, for at least from Alex’s perspective, they were both out to get him and since he was/is operating on a war footing, he wasn’t going to let them get away with it and thus crush their victim, using all the tricks in the book, as they were well able to do, and often did. Not so with Alex, and the outcome was entertaining.

When I did my daily ritual of seeing what was posted on Bitchute since I last checked it out, I was surprised to see “EPIC! Alex Jones Destroys Piers Morgan In 2nd Interview!”. Naughty me decided this was one I needed to watch, although part of the rationale was I reckoned on the entertainment value – I did that, and I was not disappointed. I confess to surprise that Piers wanted to interview Alex given what happened last time but I suspect, having been sacked or jumping before pushed in the recent past, Piers as part of quest to reinvent himself saw Alex being a ripe target for his “Piers Morgan Uncensored” interviews.

Before I go on, I need to lay my cards on the table. I would be stretching Christian charity by calling Piers Morgan an obnoxious, sanctimonious, pompous twerp but that view was reinforced by the end of watching the show. As for Alex, like marmite, there is the good and the bad. I confess, in my daily trawl of the Internet as part of my Watchman on the Wall remit, I often check out the daily Alex Jones show and am of the view he is generally more pertinent and true than the BBC etc., and often comes up with stuff not covered by mainstream media. Around the time of watching the Piers show, I watched his interview with Marjorie Taylor Greene (see here) and with Pastor David Scarlett (see here) both I found pertinent, informative and uplifting. I also watched another Piers uncensored interview, with another controversial figure, Andrew Tate (see here), and was disappointed that while he gave (unfairly) Alex a hard time, even when Alex offered an olive branch by recognising they shared common ground and that Piers did a good job in articulating the important concerns he was raising, Piers gave an easy ride to Tate (when he could / should have asked more probing questions).    

As I understand it, the pre-show deal was that Piers would interview Alex on a whole variety of topics, including his concerns over the wokism that has taken over large elements of US / UK culture, and Alex would be given equal time in which to respond. Piers did neither and if I were Alex, I would have been irked and since I am not I would not have come to verbal blows in the same way Alex did. The bone of contention and clearly what got Piers so het up was Alex’s position on Sandy Hook (a subject I covered four months back in my “False flags, awkward questions, conspiracy theories, and Sandy Hook” blog) whose main aim was to show Alex as a baddie. It seemed obvious to me that Piers’ line of questioning was aimed at entrapment, something Alex saw through and amidst many words (such that little time was gave a reasonable response to the many other important issues of the day that one might have hoped would have been profitably covered). As a gladiatoral contest, it was superb value, but sadly not much else!      


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