Looking back at 2022; looking forward to 2023

Looking back at 2022; looking forward to 2023

I write this on the last day of 2022.

Many wiser than I will reflect on the events of the year about to end and on the year to come. I am neither a political pundit, nor am I a political prophet, but I am a watchman on the wall. What I am about to say will likely be dismissed by better people than I, including good Christians, but I feel compelled to share what I see and warn folk.

I do see a lot of what appears to be and is doom and gloom but, if our hope is in the Almighty, we can take huge encouragements, especially if we heed the warnings and follow the Lord. I will not deal with my own personal hopes and hang ups, successes and failures, etc.; nor will I take a more light touch approach by talking about interests, such as sport. Also, I want to start with good news that even those who don’t share my religious beliefs may accept. There is an awful lot of kindness around and as I become less active due to age and infirmity, I am heartened by the countless acts of kindness I have witnessed, even when it was unexpected, as it gives hope for the future. As I see a world going mad and feel frustrated at my own puny efforts to change things, I apologize for being grumpy!

Before looking forward to what we might expect in 2023 and pass on some words of wisdom on how we might approach the future, I would like to consider what were, in my opinion, more significant happenings in 2022 and, ironically, the perspectives I share are likely not shared by the majority. I am not going to go into reasons why I think as I do, but all these points I have discussed in my blogs. While I am about to point to several dark clouds, I am mindful every cloud has a silver lining and our goals need to be the right ones.

  1. We began 2022 coming out of Covid-19 lockdown. While not dismissing Covid-19 is for real (I had it, supposedly, in 2022), my belief the pandemic was a plan / scamdemic was reinforced.
  2. At the start of 2022, many had been jabbed because of Covid-19, often more than once. Reports of the net harm done due to taking the jab have escalated and many now believe this is so.
  3. Early in 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine and were held up as the villains, but more villainous were the Ukraine authorities and their western backers. Who can say what the final outcome will be, but it remains a daunting prospect.
  4. The transhuman agenda advances as pushed by certain elites, whether it is a matter of persons including youth changing their sexual identity or the merging of humans with machines.
  5. The Climate Emergency narrative is back again, dominating the thinking of many, including government, and having profound, detrimental implications as to how things are done.
  6. More evidence is coming out that the 2020 US Presidential election was stolen as was the 2022 US mid-terms, and elections in other countries, e.g. Brazil, but more people are waking up, especially to the damage done by the election stealers.
  7. 2022 has seen significant moves toward mandatory digital ids, such that people can be controlled and often related to their social credit score, an intended financial reset and a cashless society.
  8. The UK, having got rid of Boris and seen off Liz, now have an unelected globalist puppet, Rishi, as their Prime Minister.  
  9. The Unholy Trinity (media, politicians and elites) have in 2022 increasingly shown their true colours and their lies have been found out, and this has given rise to an empowered alternative media and now many whistle blowers coming forward.
  10. The move to shut down and penalise free speech continues to escalate, especially now as the baddies are getting called out.  
  11. Children continue to go missing and be trafficked for evil intent.
  12. Before 2020, I would not have reckoned on this; in 2021 I began to see this was so; in 2022 I was convinced – Planet Earth is run by a tiny, globalist, elite cabal, beholden to Satan, who have many of the world’s politicians and those who run its institutions in their pockets. They have been pushing much that has been referred to above, to depopulate and enslave humanity with ideas of “new normal”, “build back better” and its Great Reset agenda.

There is a lot more I can add, and I have not even mentioned countries such as China and Israel, but I hope folk reading this will get my drift. As for 2023, it could be more of the same and worse, except that a motley band of conspiracy theorists, new age advocates, alternative media followers, deplorables (including Trump lovers) and political prophets say / suggest otherwise. I have pondered long and hard since I wrote my “Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception” article in March 2022 as to which combination of the three we are beginning to and going to see and am of the view it will be a mixture, even though I hope for more normies waking up, truth revealed and justice served. I have, since I wrote, blogged on Red Sea moments, House of Cards and dominoes falling and my gut feeling is that will happen in 2023, but what if I’m wrong? We want baddies to be outed, widely seen for who they are and get their comeuppance. We yearn for righteousness to prevail, knowing that will happen when Jesus returns to Planet Earth in glory, when all will have to give an account of all to Him.

Meanwhile, the Lord has kept His people down below to do a job, as His faithful servants, and we can’t count on being raptured as things become a lot worse, particularly under the rule of the soon to emerge AntiChrist. A white hat operation, up to now largely hidden, in accordance with the art of war, may be happening, and so might an act of God. Personally, I would rather distinguish what is true from might be. Our job is to watch and pray and to serve. As I keep reminding myself, Longfellow was right when it comes to God’s timing. We need to be patient and let things happen in His time.

But I want to close with some words of encouragement.

Firstly, what Tennyson wrote makes sense.

Secondly, what Archbishop Ramsey wrote back in the day for his clergy also makes sense.

Thirdly, we serve the living God (Jehovah Tsidkenu), who is our righteousness. Whether doing what is right or rejoicing we have righteousness imputed to us, it should determine all we do.

Fourthly, it may be David wrote this Psalm when he was an outlaw and facing great opposition but we too can look out and recognise our help comes from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.

Fifthly, I would like to end with a hymn that I feel is appropriate (above) and some Bible verses to do with righteousness (below).

Finally, dear reader, if you have read the above and even if you have just skipped to the end, may I wish you a …


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