Today’s US Mid Term election and yesterday’s Brazilian one

Today’s US Mid Term election and yesterday’s Brazilian one

Today the citizens of the US go to the polls to vote for Congress and Senate representatives in the US mid term elections.

According to Wikipedia: “General elections were held on 2 October 2022 in Brazil to elect the president, vice president, the National Congress, the governors, vice governors, and legislative assemblies of all federative units, and the district council of Fernando de Noronha. As no candidate for president—or for governor in some state races—received more than half of the valid votes in the first round, a runoff election for these offices were held on 30 October. The Superior Electoral Court declared leftist former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva as the winner of the election, defeating the incumbent far-right president Jair Bolsonaro. On 1 November, Bolsonaro did not concede defeat in his first public remarks since losing the 30 October election but stopped short of contesting the election result and authorized his chief of staff, Ciro Nogueira Lima Filho, to begin the transition process with representatives of president-elect Lula on 3 November”.

Yesterday, I posted a link on my Facebook page (now I am out of jail, albeit on licence) to a video: “BRAZILIANS are gathering at Military bases… DEMANDING that the army ARREST (WEF) DA SILVA!!”. I did so to make the point the recent election went off OK as mainstream media would have us believe, whereas there is evidence this was not the case and the election was stolen, just as were the US elections held on November 3rd 2020 with America now reaping the consequences with a Fake President, Biden. It led to some lively comments. One dissenting friend posted “You realize you are posting in support of a military coup against a democratically elected president? All such dictatorships are established “in the name of the people to protect the nation, to support democracy etc etc etc”. This is what Hitler claimed he was doing, what Mussolini claimed he was doing etc. The Chinese Communist Party claimed they were acting in the name of the people to suppress the students in Tiannamen Square. The Warsaw Pact invaded Czechoslovakia “in the name of the people” to “protect” them from the “counter revolutionary coup”. General Pinochet overthrew the democratically elected President Allende to “protect the nation from communism”. Every tin pot dictator in history claimed to be leading a coup to “save the nation”! They usually claim electoral fraud these days – it’s the current fashionable excuse for acting like fascist thugs! What of course they (Donald Trump included) really mean is that they lost and they didn’t like it because they believe they should have won! Democracy is not just about winning, it’s also about losing gracefully. If our societies can’t do that, then democracy is doomed and you might as well just surrender your freedom! Perhaps THAT’S what the cabal you are always going on about, is really up to…

My comments were: “I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this. I recall a little while back commenting that there were those who believe like the US Presidential election, the Brazilian one was stolen (interesting Dominion is a feature in both). You rather dismissed the idea because unlike me you don’t check out Alternative media and believe the lies of mainstream media. Of course, I DO NOT “support of a military coup against a democratically elected president?” and just with sleepy Joe I say we go with the result, however unpleasant that feels (Churchill and all that) if won fairly. BUT my gut says both Joe and this new guy in Brazil are there because the cabal running planet earth have made it so irrespective of what the people voted and methinks a military coup may be the option of last resort” and after further exchanges: “I am all for making voting easier PROVIDING it is fair. What you refuse to recognize and I have written about in my blogs making voting easier e.g. mail in ballots has led to fraud which will be fully exposed more than is the case now with 2000 mules etc. Sadly, the Unholy Trinity have done a good job keeping the general populace ignorant on the issues. There is a lot to be desired in our electoral systems e.g. FTPP but worse is that many of those elected (Republican as well as Democrat) in the US and Conservative as well as Labour and LibDem in the UK) are unsuitable and has led to disillusionment.

Today’s the day some thought would never come as Americans go to the polls. Pundits predict a Red Wave, with the GOP taking control of the House and the Senate, should the election proceed fairly (a big IF) – a result the same cabal that stole the previous major US election will do all in its power to enable the outcome they want, including mounting a false flag operation should their attempts to steal fail. We shall see. watch and pray … and watch this space.  


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