Liz out, Rishi in and now what?

Liz out, Rishi in and now what?

Only three days ago I blogged “Thoughts on the rise and fall of Liz Truss” wondering what was to follow and now we know.

I recall well the observation made by my hero of yesteryear, Harold Wilson, and now we are talking of days. After being overwhelmingly rejected by grass roots Tories two months ago, those with the power to do so, Tory MPs, have chosen their new leader and therefore Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak. Interestingly, while not previously in the Rishi camp, my city’s two MPs are now very supportive.  


And the Pantomime (some say nightmare) continues. Rishi will be seen by some, typically by them in power and especially the globalist cabal who made their feelings perfectly clear with Liz Truss, as a safe pair of hands. My impression is that it is not just the great unwashed who share mean memes about how bad Liz is/was on social media but said grass roots Tory activists, who are also unimpressed. Without wanting to go down the conspiracy theorist route by declaring there has been a hidden coup to get Liz out and put Rishi in, but what we are seeing does not make sense and for the common man he/we know all too little of what has been really going on.

What with a new king under the thumbs of the cabal, now joined by our latest Prime Minister; what with the ante being upped over Ukraine and the real prospect of genuine hardship during this coming winter, things do not seem good when we look around us rather than up to Him who is truly sovereign. Moreover, as I am at pains to point out, while many despair and may have genuine gripes when it comes to Boris, Liz and Rishi, they look in the wrong places for a way out and fail to honour God. But we who are the people of God should be watching as well as praying and preaching the Gospel as the only way out, backing up our words with our actions.

As with Liz, I know too little about Rishi to come to a rounded view, whether he will turn out to be more a Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus or Manasseh, who started badly but ended up doing the right thing, or more like Jehu, Solomon or Asa, who began well and ended badly, I can’t say. I fear the worst but hope for the best. It was Liz and her Ukraine nonsense, but now we have Rishi who, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, did stuff I found appalling during the Covid debacle, as are his ties to China and its draconian social credit system, his advocacy of digital passports and his endorsement by the globalists and other influential figures. Along with my standard “test and weigh” caveat, I suggest readers check out “Rishi Sunak – WEF Front Man – All planned in advance, just like the fake pandemic/’virus’ democide” for examples highlighting my concerns as to his suitability to be Prime Minister, although he may help expose the globalists and wake up a sleeping population.

The silver lining may be a new politics as people come to realise how bad the old system is. My hope remains in the Lord and his call on me to watch and pray, do good when I can and preach the gospel.


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