What have Lewis and Tolkien in common with Alex Jones?

What have C.S.Lewis, J.R.R.Tolkien and Alex Jones got in common?

The answer, according to Jay Dyer, in his recent video: “Tolkien and CS Lewis Wrote To Expose the Illuminati“, is they were doing then something similar to what Alex Jones is doing today.

But before I get into all this – let me give some background. Lewis and Tolkien have long been literary heroes of mine and unlike other authors of their genre of writing (e.g. J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame) they share broadly my Judaeo-Christian world view, and this gets reflected in their writings. While I have not read all they wrote (by a long way), I have read a lot. As for Alex Jones, and the strange link being suggested with my literary heroes, I admire his tenacity when it comes to fighting for truth and whatever one might say about his approach etc., he understands much of what is going on and is unafraid to say so. It was he as much as any who woke me up to the fact of an evil, globalist cabal, intent on screwing humanity.

I recall, it was while at university, I came across Tolkien. I first read his book, The Hobbit (a wise move as being a book designed for children and introducing the mythical world of Middle Earth where many of his other books are based). Then came the biggie – The Lord of the Rings, which I have read at least twice and rate as one of my favourite books of all time. I have watched the movie, which is very good, but not as good as the book (partly because it rather watered-down Tolkien’s world view). I was first introduced to Lewis by my R.E. teacher, when I was in the sixth form, when I read his Screwtape Letters, based around an exchange between a junior and senior devil about how to distract / entice a new young Christian away from following the straight and narrow (right) way (a message, as were many to come subsequently my way, that was needed and appreciated). Later, at university, I came across his Christian apologetics master piece, Mere Christianity, and have since read a number of his “Christian” books. I have also read / re-read his famous children books series, the Chronicles of Narnia, partly as this was something I insisted my son read (rather than Harry Potter) when growing up. I recently came across his Space Trilogy, which I am currently reading because of the connection raised in the title.

According to Wikipedia “the Space Trilogy or Cosmic Trilogy is a series of science fiction novels by C. S. Lewis. The trilogy consists of Out of the Silent Planet (1938), Perelandra (1943), and That Hideous Strength (1945). A philologist named Elwin Ransom is the protagonist of the first two novels and an important character in the third”. Ransom is undoubtedly one of the heroes (and the book is full of them – often unlikely, as well as villains – sometimes unexpected), whose character is based on Lewis’ friend, soul mate, comrade in arms and long-time Oxford colleague, Tolkien. In all three books, Lewis sees there is a great conflict between good and evil, which he saw as essentially a spiritual conflict between God and Satan, but with good prevailing following long, hard fought conflict. Many important Christian themes are tied in, e.g. sin, redemption, the ongoing battle for one’s soul, and his grasp of natural law and objective values, which I agree with. I love his unpretentiousness, e.g. the least likely among us playing important parts in overcoming evil. I found there is no shortage on commentary of what the three books are about, that can be found by doing simple google searches.

Going back to the “Tolkien and CS Lewis Wrote To Expose the Illuminati” video, which triggered my reading the trilogy, which I am not even half way through, despite delving in at the start and end of all three books, is my verdict that Jan Dyer could be right. While Tolkien and Lewis knew a lot less of the goings on of the secret societies that appear to control what goes on in planet earth, that which we now know, thanks partly to people like Alex Jones, but they knew enough, and their connections with high level academics and other society influencers gave them unique access and insights into what was going on. Their understanding of the classics and ancient mythology, coupled with their Christian beliefs, superior intelligence and nobility of character, meant they were as qualified as any when it came to making the connections they did. Many have pontificated on the motivation and meanings of the works of Tolkien and Lewis and there is enough to consider to include in several PhD thesis. One Christian commentator, Doug Lewis, delivered three video lectures on this question in what he preferred to call “The Ransom Trilogy”, which I commend, even if not seeing things quite so dogmatically when it came to linking That Hideous Strength plot to the evil cabal one Alex Jones takes to task.

While not his apologist and disliking some of his ways, I believe Alex Jones was right (according to my understanding of the real story behind a lot of the significant goings on in the world, at least in many of the important aspects) but then so was C.S.Lewis and J.R.R.Tolkien (many of whose admirers would be horrified at the comparison I am making), and not so dissimilarly – and they had a lot less to go on. Moreover, unlike Alex, they really would have had to go out on a limb if they over pontificated on what they thought was really happening in the world around them (dominated by the two World Wars), and be consigned to the equivalent of Hillary’s basket of deplorables or be vilified as conspiracy theorists, as with Alex. We should be thankful they conveyed their ideas in the medium they were masters of – the written word. Whether I get to review the Ransom Trilogy when I finish it (as I fully intend to do) remains to be seen. I can imagine if Lewis were looking down, he may chuckle at these attempts at deciphering and applying his fictional works, which might just as easily be seen as good yarns.

As for me, both as authors and men, both Lewis and Tolkien I had a high regard for, before this latest reading exercise, but since then it has been enhanced, knowing what I now know. Any who read my recent blogs will know I really do perceive a fierce battle between the baddies (who up to recently have had the upper hand, that is helped by most of humankind being unaware and/or disempowered to do something about it) and the goodies, who see through and resist the wickedness that the baddies are craftily seeking to impose, some of whose hopes for Earth could include something akin to what Lewis had imagined in his, uncorrupted by the Fall, Perelandra (Venus).

Often, good people, including holy, learned Christian types who I might look up to, do not see things in the way I do (and this is a major reason why I write as I do, as part of my watchman on the wall remit, e.g. “Facing the Great Deception and handling Satan’s devices” and “Are most Christians deceived“), but I am glad to have found, in Lewis and Tolkien, not just two brilliant writers I love to read but two kindred spirits who I can identify with.


2 thoughts on “What have Lewis and Tolkien in common with Alex Jones?

  1. Nancy says:

    You missed the assignment…to know what is the evil intent of globalist who are screwing up humanity. Is communism the hope for utopia, or is it a way to bless the leaders with practing the seven deadly sin.

  2. I confess, I did not expect this particular blog to have the impact it had. I shared a link to it in a group of admirers of C.S.Lewis and received a mixed reaction. Some of it was horror that I should talk about these great men (Lewis and Tolkien) in the same breath as that terrible man, who among other things allegedly dismissed what happened at Sandy Hook, Alex Jones. My only apology is I have not researched deeply enough, yet I have done enough research to see the connections between the concerns of the three men as to what was happening in the worlds they lived/live in to stick with what I wrote. The eye opener for me was having it confirmed how good people (anyone who loves the works of C.S.Lewis and J.R.R.Tolkien can’t be all bad) could be so asleep as to what is truly going on in the world and helps explain why the resistance of those of us to the designs and intention of the wicked, globalist cabal can be so hard going.

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