The Antichrist and Bible prophecy

The Antichrist and Bible prophecy

Given things are happening in the world at such a fast rate and so consequential, I and many others can see the scene being set for the emergence of the Antichrist, as foretold several times in the Bible.

The subject of the Antichrist and Bible prophecy to do with the last days is a contentious one among scholars and saints in the Christian community, and what I offer here is how I see things panning out.

The meeting in Davos right now, involving many of the world’s elite, under the auspices of the World Economic Forum, with its message “committed to improve the state of the world” but as I have argued is really about controlling the world and doing away with God (“Davos Cringefest 2022” relates), is but one reason (and there are many others) why I want to discuss this very relevant subject of the Antichrist, and wish to do so mainly from a Biblical standpoint.

Forgive me for the rewinding gramophone record, but something is happening now and you don’t need to be a crystal ball gazer (or a prophet) to know something is about to give – but what? For New Ager types looking forward to the Great Awakening or “Anons” following Q’s advice to trust the plan where the white hats have everything under their control; for those going along with and those who recoil from the Great Reset ideal being lauded at Davos; for those who see both Great Reset and Great Awakening as Great Deception; as well as those who couldn’t care less (maybe most), I wish merely to point out what the Bible teaches, urging readers to test and weigh all that is said against what God’s Word teaches.

I come from a Christian tradition (the Plymouth Brethren) where some were particularly focused on the subject of Last Days Bible prophecy (some say to the point of obsession). While this has influenced my views, e.g. I believe, like my PB mentors, the correct interpretation of Revelation 4 thru 22 needs to be a predominantly literal, futuristic one, including the millennium, following Christ returning to planet earth in glory and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, followed by the Last Judgement and the eternal state (Lake of Fire; New Jerusalem) and that literal Israel features strongly in God’s plans and it has not been replaced by the Church, but NOT when it comes to the notion of the Church being raptured before the Antichrist emerges or not getting involved in the wider community.

In a recent blog about Satan, I made the point I would rather write about God than Satan, but given the Bible says a lot about Satan and his plans to usurp God and deceive people, it is well to warn. The same goes for Christ and the Antichrist. While we need to turn our eyes upon Jesus and look forward to his coming, we cannot ignore the one who is yet to be revealed who will oppose Him. There is, as the above text shows us, a spiritual war going on (which is behind a lot of what we are seeing), and we need to prepare accordingly.

Regarding Bible prophecy generally and Last Days prophecy specifically, I covered many important points, albeit at an elementary to intermediate level, in my book. Our subject is tied in with the Day of the Lord (specifically to do with judgment) an oft repeated OT theme. As for the Antichrist, I wish to cite four books of the Bible where he is discussed and make some brief points about what the passages are about and why significant. Before I do so, I would like to make ten points about the Antichrist, which I suggest are significant in order to have a proper understanding.

There is no doubt much else that can be said about the Antichrist, including from the passages reproduced below. It occurs to me that my spiritual forefathers, who got it both right and wrong concerning end times prophecy, would have been in their element mapping today’s incredible happenings to Bible prophecy.

This is the only book of the Bible where the Antichrist is given that title (elsewhere he is referred to as the Beast or the Man of Sin etc.) but where the Apostle John, the author, makes the point there have been many antichrists and an all-pervading antichrist spirit, which needs to be watched out for and resisted.

In his two letters to the church at Thessalonica, Paul encouraged his readers that Jesus was coming soon and they needed to be prepared. He counselled them against deception and reminded them that before Christ returns the Antichrist will arise, reeking much havoc and deception along with doing great wonders.

The later (7-12) chapters of Daniel are just as controversial in terms of interpretation as the content of Revelation. In his writing “Antichrist in Daniel”, Arthur W. Pink cites all those verses given above as referring to the Antichrist. These, along with the context in which they are found, well complement that found in Revelation.

Revelation 13 (the whole chapter) provide a comprehensive account of the rule of the Antichrist. While chapters 6 thru 19 discuss seals, trumpets and bowls, assorted disasters and a lot more besides concerning what is about to come to pass, the activities of the Antichrist during this time should be seen as taking center stage.

In this extract to Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, he emphasizes the importance of walking with God. We need to face Him before the judgment seat. For this account, we end right at the end of the Bible, where the call “Come” has a double meaning. We are urged to come to Christ (and so urge others) and we look forward to His coming.


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