What has Hungary and France significantly in common?

What has Hungary and France significantly in common?

Before I try to answer the question, let me first lay out my store …

I suppose it was soon after I entered the blogosphere some eight years ago (22/02/22) (see here) that I began to wake up to the fact there were two conflicting ideologies concerning which lines the world ought to run: globalism or nationalism. Like many thinkers, I struggled with trying to make sense of what was going on in the world around me and which were the influential ideologies affecting what took place. Because I refused to accept the status quo, which as far as many in the circles around me was a mild form of globalism, I found myself falling out with the good and the great over my views.

While I am anti-globalist, as I am convinced it has the tendency toward tyranny and allowing an unelected cabal, who despite claims to the contrary are not benevolent with their intents, to call the shots, neither am I pro-nationalist given “love thy neighbour” ought to apply to everyone living on the planet. While mindful of the pros and cons of both globalism and nationalism, given the choice, I would rather be a nationalist than a globalist, seeing for example, Trump becoming US president January 20 2017 and the UK leaving the EU January 31 2020 as welcome kicks in the teeth to the globalists. But clearly the globalists were not finished then, following the US President election steal of November 3 2020 and steps taking seemingly in unison across the world to tackle the Covid-19 crisis. Watching agencies like the UN, NATO, WEF and the Deep State and their “friends” flex their New World Order muscles also confirms they are far from finished. We wait with bated breath to find out which direction the world is soon to go, a subject I have reflected on: Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception.

Recently the Hungarians held an election and returned again Viktor Orbán as its Prime Minister, and pertinent to this article this was helpfully discussed in “He doesn’t listen to the globalists,” says Eva Vlaardingerbroek about Viktor Orbán”. Currently the French are holding its presidential election with it just being revealed that current incumbent Emmanuel Macron is going neck and neck with challenger Marine Le Pen after the first round (although we now await the final outcome), and has helpfully been discussed in “Globalists Freak Out Over French Election Results”. Both Orbán and Le Pen have been vilified by the usual suspects, the latest reason given was their apparent support for Russian President Putin concerning the Ukrainian crisis (no guesses who globalists support), adding to their unapologetic nationalism, and also (at least with Orbán) their espousing of Christian values.

All of which suggest to me that which ideology is going to prevail is by no means certain. Besides telling readers to “watch this space” as events quickly unfold, I commend the counsel of Isaiah the prophet some 2800 years ago, when his readership was faced with not so dissimilar concerns as those who read this article. And to answer the question above: both Hungary and France appear to be bucking the globalist trend regarding their elections and, as more bombshells get dropped on what is happening in the world, more may join them.   


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