Dear Facebook friend

Dear Facebook friend

Thank you for being my Facebook friend.

I hope you find what I post (including any reply) helpful. If not, can I urge two things? Firstly, forbearance – we are all on journeys and we all see the world (seen and unseen) differently, even if you are on the same page as me when it comes to those two subjects traditionally avoided in polite society – religion and politics. Secondly, and especially if you may feel offended at stuff I post, may I encourage you to read my “pinned post”, which explains why I post what I post and what to consider when reading what I post and especially if you are inclined to comment (my page is NOT an echo chamber; in fact I welcome respectful, relevant dissent).

Many confine their FB posts just for fun, friends and family and community interest stuff and most post only occasionally. As for me, these are my observations and reflections on what happens in this world that one way or another impacts me and many readers – the good, the bad and the ugly (a reflective diary so to speak), including sharing stuff I pick up from a wide variety of sources. All I ask of my friends who comment is respect (including not swearing and no personal attacks) and relevance (keep as best you can – on topic). I try to operate the TNK principle (true, necessary, kind) when I post, and apologise if I were to fall short realising these lofty aspirations.




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