Remembering Babu Henry

Remembering Babu Henry

Yesterday, I learned of the death of my friend Babu Henry.

I write today as I watch some of the live streaming of his funeral.

I append what I posted on my Facebook page, soon after I was informed of the news of his passing.

It must have been some 30 years ago when I first met Babu. I was preaching at a church in Trivandrum City and Babu was there and we got talking afterward. I was impressed by his bubbly character and dedication to the Lord, something others confirmed to me, including his willingness to suffer for the cause of the gospel (he has been attacked and thrown in jail, I understand, as a result of his fearless preaching). He invited me to his humble home, the first of many visits that were to follow, and to preach, which I did.

I visited Babu many times after my first visit to India. He often wrote to us in England and his letters were always encouraging. When planning our itinerary, I usually found time to meet up with him. I got to preach in the Open Air (meetings he arranged) and to teach in the Bible School, which he oversaw. The last time was a few months prior to the Covid-19 lockdown! I enjoyed his simplicity, generosity, humility and honesty. He was a kind brother and could be seen as a bit of a character (in a nice way). While he had little of this world’s goods, he shared what he did have when he saw need (and there were many to see) and especially to promote the gospel.

In the past year, I have mourned the passing of others close to me, including Babu’s wife, an evangelist who worked closely with Babu, P.D.Joshua, and the wife of another evangelist I got to know around the same time as Babu, Sathianesan Mathew. We would often remember these bereaved folk in our family prayer times. Besides being a dedicated family man and with the heart for others, he was an evangelist and took his responsibilities concerning the preaching of the gospel, even when it was costly to do so, seriously.

No doubt his declining health and the recent loss of his wife had impacted him and while we miss him, God in His mercy and wisdom saw this was the time to take His servant, and he was ready. We thank Him for the life of Evangelist Babu P Henry and remember his family and friends, as well as the legacy brother Babu left.


I have just heard of the passing of Evangelist Babu P Henry.

He has been a dear friend who I got to know during my early visits to India, who I often met up with in my India visits.

We commit him to the safe arms of Jesus and remember his family and the people he has interacted with.






Evg. Babu P. Henry (75 years) has gone to be with the Lord on September 20, 2021. He was not well for some time.

God used him to establish three Assemblies in Kanyakumary District. They are Bethel Brethren Assembly Manjalummoodu, Plavila Bethel Brethren Assembly and Thettivila Brethren Assembly. He also has a Bible School in Manjalummoodu. It helped many brethren to study the word of God and most of them are in Lord’s work in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Wife: Late Leelamma Babu


Shirley Ajai & Evg. Ajai K. Thomas, Plavila

Sheeja & Rajesh, Plavila

Evg. Samuel P. Babu & Bimi Samuel


God willing, the Funeral Service will be held on September 21, 2021 (Tuesday) from 9 am to 11 am at his residence at Plavila and his body will be buried at Assembly’s cemetery at 12 noon.

Let us uphold the family members to the Throne of Grace for heavenly comfort and strength. May the Lord bestow upon them heavenly grace, peace and strength, and console them with the Word of God.

Please pray for the family members and dear ones who will be travelling from different places to attend the funeral. Please pray that God’s name be glorified through the funeral service.

For details, please contact his son Evg. Samuel P. Babu (Shibu): +91-9488881320

Matter from Evg. T. P. Japaraj: +91-9442466223


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