Renewing Passports, Changing Times and Great Resets

Renewing Passports, Changing Times and Great Resets

So what do “Renewing Passports, Changing Times and Great Resets” have to do with each other? Let me start on a fairly light note before I turn to something that is a lot more serious …

I went into “Snappy Snaps” (Victoria Plaza – Southend) yesterday to have my passport photo taken, as I needed to do so in order to renew my passport. The result is seen above (looking suitably and necessarily grumpy). My rationale was my several DIY attempts had failed to meet the strict criteria needed. HM Passport Office did NOT take to my various earlier submissions, for all sorts of reasons, and I needed help from the experts. My reflection was times are indeed a changing as one of my musical heroes of yesteryear used to sing. Here it is yet one example of the Internet taking over and, while we are heading for the Mark of the Beast, it is evident renewing passport online is a lot easier (providing you have the right photo of course). My recommendation is a. if you are to renew your passport, do it online and b. £11.99 spent at Snappy Snaps was worth it – I also have it electronically and four passport prints!

Folk who follow my blogging will know that I am interested (some say obsessed) with the Great Reset. I have no doubt that we are about to see massive change and we are already seeing it with the pan, some say scam, demic. As I have pointed out, it will either be the bad version as envisaged by the likes of Klaus Schwab and his allies (which presents itself as being for the betterment of planet earth etc, but in effect is about enslaving those who are not part of the tiny elite) or the good version led by the white hats (whoever they are and woe betide if you admit to following the mysterious Q or subscribe to conspiracy theories, which abound amidst fake and no real news). I have just been watching a video: “Man Of God — Declaration Of The People Of The United States For Global Peace And Prosperity” on the Charlie Ward show, and while I often take what Charlie says with a pinch of salt, when he talks about the good version of the Great Reset that is meant to bring down the evil cabal, stopping the well planned bad version in its tracks and reversing the evil that went with it, draining the proverbial swamp, that is deeper and dirtier than we first thought, and freeing rather than enslaving humanity, which still seems the trajectory a lot of the world is heading toward as the powers that be respond to the Corona crisis, I take note of what he says, partly because I want to believe it but it also makes sense and is consistent with what I am hearing from the mouths of some of today’s prophets. According to Charlie and his sources which he tells us are at the highest level, God and the good guys are about to win and the bad guys are going to receive a massive setback. But then again, humanity has been subject to evildoers calling the shots, ever since the Fall of Adam, and they have just had to come to terms with it.

Rather than put our trust in some form of Great Awakening, which depending who you listen to may or may not happen, it is better we are awake, trust and obey (God), watch and pray and test and weigh. And Prophet Dylan was correct – The times they are a-changin.  


One thought on “Renewing Passports, Changing Times and Great Resets

  1. David King says:

    Good article. Whatever happens, as you wrote, we must stay awake, trust God, obey God. We must do the best we can to prepare for the end times, however it works out. Even if things look like they are getting better, and the forces of good are winning, it could all still be a trick and a deception. The Antichrist in the end time will appear good, but will be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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