Breakfast at Redd’s Café

Today, I had breakfast at Redd’s Café (144 Sutton Road, Southend)!

And it wasn’t even planned (sorry Mr Redd). As folk who know me know, I love English breakfasts and every so often I like to eat out (sometimes with a friend for a catch up, but often alone, and if new do a restaurant review). I was intending to visit the café 100 yards down the road but it was closed (opening at 8am and it was 7.50 and I am not a patient man when it comes to food). I decided to try Mr Redd’s establishment, which back in the day was under different ownership and was then called Deb’s diner, that I used to frequent.

And I was glad I did. It didn’t quite have the cosy community feel of Deb’s diner and struck me as more on the clean and clinical side but in terms of ambience, cleanliness, service, food and value it couldn’t be faulted. There were three breakfast offerings to choose from and, while I wanted a little more than the 5 pick and mix items, my appetite these days wasn’t quite up for the BIG Redd and so I opted for the in-between Redd’s special, which contained the works and there was more than enough, with tea and toast thrown in. I felt £7 was a good deal (I only noticed the free daily newspapers on my way out but then there was not much waiting about to be served).

I liked the menu and, while lunchtime offerings were limited, there was enough to tempt me when I eat out with a friend sometime in the future. I got to have a brief chat with Mr Redd, and it had to be brief as he was working alone and was the cook, waiter, receptionist and phone responder, that rang some 2 or 3 times while there. Part of the Redd business model were take aways and home deliveries, with Covid lockdowns and more people working at home providing the opportunities. While there, Mr Redd’s mum was doing deliveries and, as I could make out, this was a family enterprise that had been going a year. Another nice touch, I hadn’t seen elsewhere, is you can buy your own drinks receptacle and get unlimited refills at 50p each.

Methinks Mr Redd has his head screwed on business wise and with what he is offering, which was more than acceptable, I reckon he deserves to do well. As for me, I have Redd’s café down for a future visit and was glad I made today’s chance, unscheduled visit.  


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