My message to the FA

I notice earlier the FA issued a statement ahead of today’s England match:

Regarding what happened with Christian Eriksen, yesterday, we see football at its best, with players and officials acting heroically after the unexpected injury to one of the players. Regarding the FA statement, I would respond – respect the fans who have come to watch football played in the best traditions and not to have to watch a gesture that plays into the hands of Black Lives Matter, a terrorist organisation, and is political posturing. My position has not changed from when I wrote: “England football players take the knee” a week ago, Football in its best traditions has been always been about inclusion (one of my proud achievements was to organise football tournaments involving all sections of the community that did just that), and there are better ways than taking the knee, which should be reserved for God Almighty, and if we are going to protest, what about the child trafficking and the abuse that occurs in sport?

As for booing or not booing, I would be sorely tempted to side with the booers, even though I would prefer other ways to make my feelings known and suggest better ways to address the issue of racism in football and beyond. The game should be about the fans, not extraneous interests or virtue signalling – and there are better ways to make the point of inclusion. It has long been a tradition for fans to make their feelings known by what they come up with as collective and while a line needs to be drawn (e.g. racist jeers of yesteryear) I don’t see how they have any other option other than withdrawing support. As it happens, when the game was played to a far from full stadium, it seemed there was division between booers and cheerers. I did watch some of the game, which England won, hoping despite my own lack of enthusiasm that it will be a good tournament with football and the best team coming out as winners.


One thought on “My message to the FA

  1. wenthen says:

    If you have an EE phone contract, you can use BT SPORT for free.

    I strongly recommend you login & watch recordings of the European Hockey championships, men & women side by side, that finished today.
    The mens final was an especially good game – Holland v Germany, as well as England’s mens game v Belgium.

    Proper sport, no nonesense & postulating

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