When will people wake up?

Couldn’t have said it better …

Friday’s News round up

This week international leaders flew in from all over the globe to attend the G7 summit in Cornwall. Many arrived on private jets including Boris Johnson. Booo!

One of the key subjects will be how to curb climate change and encourage people to take less flights 🤔 yay!

The U.K. is still plastered with social distancing stickers, mask signs and singing will be banned during the upcoming Euro matches. Booo!

Meanwhile G7 participants have been shaking hands, not wearing masks, haven’t had to self isolate and on Saturday will be enjoying a bbq on the beach. Yay!

Susan Michie, SAGE advisor to the government has said social distancing should continue forever. Boooo!

Susan is a communist, has no medical training and advises the government on behavioural compliance, apparently she’s really good fun at a dinner party and all round lovely person  🤔 yay!

The CDC has ordered an urgent meeting as a higher than average amount of young men have been diagnosed with heart problems after the vaccine. – booo!

After thoughtful consideration Matt Hancock says “ it’s safe and get your jab” 🤔 – yay!

The government continue to advise masks should be worn when entering and walking through a restaurant, masks can be removed when seated. – booo!

Scientists work round the clock to find out why covid only affects people when standing. – yay!

Covid 19 anxiety syndrome continues to spread at an alarming rate. Symptoms include jumping in the road to avoid passing someone on the pavement, being fearful of everything, muttering “is it allowed?” Several times a day and thinking healthy people are sick. – booo!

Luckily there is a treatment plan called “get perspective and grow a pair” – yay!

After 16 months the NHS have been told to identify patients that have symptoms of covid rather than those that just have a positive test- yay!

Doctors and nurses around the country are excited at the prospect of being able to identify a sick patient – yay!

There have been 42 deaths from the delta variant ( delta variant has multiple personality disorder and was previously known as Indian variant) 7 had one dose and 12 had two doses of the vaccine – booo!

Boris said the whole world must be vaccinated as the vaccine saves lives – yay!

President Biden flew into the U.K. and didn’t have to self isolate, he is also seen here with President Macron’s arm around his back. – booo!

Covid does not affect President’s especially if they sniff children’s hair on a regular basis. – yay!

And finally Boris Johnson has said at the G7 summit “we will build back greener in a more gender neutral and feminine way”

I haven’t got a f*****g clue what that means.

Have a beautiful weekend, stay human ❤️


2 thoughts on “When will people wake up?

  1. wenthen says:

    Sadly the word church does not appear in the original text, so in James time it was ‘mis-translated’ in order to not upset the existing church institutions!
    What a price has been paid!
    It’s ekklesia – hence, where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, I’m in the midst.
    My firm opinion is that if every church building closed permanently – the eklessia could rise!

  2. Melanie Biddle says:

    👍🏻 spot on and would be amusing if not the very strange and nonsensical reality we are living in.

    We went to a church this evening that was a youth event. They had donuts after the service but we were told that was only possible because it was a separate event (no eating allowed if adults present?! 🤔)

    We had a donut anyway and pondered what was more rebellious eating a ‘youth’ donut when we’re not youths or thinking this is all madness when everyone else just seems to be bending over backwards to keep to these crazy rules 🤪

    Keep writing and encouraging us to ‘test and weigh’

    Best regards and love to you, Jolly and Matthew

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