Alex Jones talks to Silk and General Flynn and why this matters

Alex Jones talks to Silk and General Flynn and why this matters

I admit it, one of my regular, typically daily, watchman activities is to check out that day’s broadcast of the Alex Jones show (although, given there is generally some three hours of it, I focus on selected items, and do a lot of skipping over stuff given that Alex, more than many presenters, rants a lot and I need to cut to the chase).

Alex is far from perfect as his detractors are keen to remind us, citing, for example, what he has said about Sandy Hook, and the recent court ruling that has imposed a huge fine on him for acting improperly, but then who is? Two of my favourite images (see before and after this paragraph) is the Alex was right tee shirt and one to do with gay frogs, which his detractors once liked to point to in order to ridicule him. He is, however, better in my view than most elements of mainstream media, who lie on a regular basis. He tackles subjects other media outlets don’t or, if they do, they often miss the points that matter. He also provides perspectives that I find helpful, even if I don’t always agree, and he gives a platform to guests that have something to say worth listening to and, given the censorship we are seeing, are denied a platform elsewhere. While there are entities that do a good job in the UK in their limited way, e.g. UK Column, when it comes to trying to figure out what is going on in the world, albeit done more from a US perspective, Alex’s show is one of the places I tell folk to go if they want to know what is happening in the world and why, along with my regular “Test and Weigh” advice.

Two days ago, I did what I often do and searched Bitchute for the latest episode of Infowars which Alex normally hosts. By around 2200 one can get all four episodes of the day’s broadcast in a single download that typically takes in all 3 hours. An alternative is to download each episode separately from 1800 onwards. Because of time restraints, I only follow a fraction of the broadcast and I daresay I am likely to miss valuable content as a result. That day, I decided to check out downloads with Alex separately interviewing two guests I happen to have a lot of time for, who are worth listening to, and I was not disappointed. First, there was: “EXCLUSIVE: General Flynn, “We Are Winning!” – EMERGENCY REPORT”. Second, there was: “BOMBSHELL! Silk tells Alex Jones the real cause of Diamond’s death”.

I hope readers will bear with me for not giving a synopsis of what was said. To do so, I would need more time to do it justice. Both Flynn and Silk (whose sister, Diamond died last year) I see as being on the sides of angels and are among them who I admire most, because they have the courage and are willing to pay the price for calling out and standing up against the bad guys, who still hold a lot of power, evidenced by Flynn hounded through the courts and almost being sent to prison on a trumped up charge. Interestingly, both see the Covid-19 “shots” as poison and is all part of a plot by the baddies to harm and enslave humanity. Yet both are prepared to carry on the fight and believe good will win out in the end.

Yesterday’s episodes were titled: “ALEX JONES [FULL] Tuesday 3/28/23 • Trans Activists Pledge to Launch a Bloody Uprising on April 1st!” The early part of the show focused on the Nashville school shooting, providing perspectives I didn’t find checking out the BBC. The nearest I found on social media on the subject was a dig at the Congressman Andy Ogle for including a picture of him and his family holding guns on their last Christmas Card. I felt the righteous indignation of nice Christian folk barely relevant compared with the horror of what took place and while undecided on the right to bear arms issue I get why good people want to defend that right. Overall, I feel vindication seeking alternative takes on this tragic event, which I plan to cover in a future blog. I have just watched some of the first of today’s episodes: “ALEX JONES [1 of 4] Wednesday 3/29/23 • POLICE STATE EMERGENCY: Senate Bill 686 – News & Analysis”. In it, Alex goes through legislation to curtail individual freedom in the US, and in this case I could find nothing said on the subject on the BBC. Since this relates to what is also seen in the UK to shut down those who offer views not fitting the narrative those in power would have us follow, I cannot ignore news such as this.

Alex continues to be vilified, e.g. in a recent interview of Alex by Piers Morgan his intent was clearly to show Alex in a bad light, but, to his credit, Alex keeps going and bringing out disturbing yet needed truth I don’t find covered elsewhere. Watching on the Wall can be a lonely, thankless and frustrating undertaking and one where I often question if I am barking up the wrong tree, if in doing so there are better things I could / should be doing and if I am casting my pearls before what might appear to be proverbial swine. Yet I do not apologise, and nor do I feel bad that I take time to check out what Alex has to say, for he is worth checking out.


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