What happens when the “normies” wake up?

What happens when the “normies” wake up?

Recently, I found a new term often being used: “normies”!

This term has come to be used in recent years by those who don’t see themselves as normies to refer to those who are. This is based on the premise normies tend to go along with the official version of world events and, while they may complain, they go along with what those in authority say/do. These non-normies, who back in the day might have been seen by Hillary as one of the deplorables (the sort who might have voted for Trump), by the omniscient social media fact checkers as conspiracy theorists, by businesses, large and small, as a threat to them achieving their money making goals, by government as those that need to be shut up and/or down or by goody goody Christian types as anti Romans 13 / 1 Peter 2 embarrassments that need to be politely sent to the Christian version of Coventry, would likely agree with most if not all of the following statements:

  1. The Covid pandemic was/is a plandemic
  2. “Vaccines” (jabs) against Corona do net harm
  3. There is no such thing as a Climate Emergency
  4. The Western alliance are the worse baddies in the Ukraine conflict
  5. Recent elections in countries like the USA and Brazil were stolen

Whilst normies by definition may not agree with the above, many do show concern at the rising tide of evil in the world, the transhuman agenda, restrictions on free speech, wokeism like much that is to do with “Black Lives Matter” and the untoward effects of the increase in unrestricted immigration. Moreover, many non-normies have detected in recent months normies waking up to what is going on and if that is what is needed to overturn the few controlling the many with nefarious intent, then that has to be a positive sign. We need to be prepared though, for just as the thought of bad people doing bad things and getting away with it has had a psychological impact on non-normies, so will finding out those they thought were good are bad (evil even) will have a similar impact on normies. Furthermore, given there is nothing new under the sun. We learn from history that when normies wake up to what their oppressors are doing, they often rebel, sometimes violently, ending up taking over government. It is a possibility that oppressors are often aware off, doing what they can to stop this from happening.

Some non-normies go even further, when it it comes to the whys and wherefores of what is really going on, and I am one of them. Besides the clearly Biblical view that Satan controls the world and his intent is to oppose anything and everything that is of God, there is a tiny, evil elite, aided and abetted by useful idiots, behind what I have identified, and a lot else besides, such as evidence of underground tunnels and human trafficking and a planned global financial reset linked to digital ids and the roll out of 5G. Moreover, these should not be viewed in isolation if we care to connect the dots. Some go even further, such as the “Anons” who follow “Q” and have taken up the advice: “Trust the Plan”, the plan being there is a White Hat operation, involving various militaries, who are presently biding their time, while waiting for more normies to wake up, and who know exactly what is going on, before bringing down the cabal.

Sometime ago I coined the phrase Unholy Trinity, encompassing media, politicians and elites and use the term since I have caught them out lying on numerous occasions, although the typical normie will defer to them, arguing that they could not possibly lie. Because they do lie, I often check out Alternative Media, that covers a wide variety of sources, including at one end of the spectrum the shows of Alex Jones, David Icke and Charlie Ward, whose way out views on what is going on in the world attracts the label “conspiracy theorist”, especially by those who feel most threatened by the sort of revelations they often come out with, which you are unlikely to see in mainstream. I am not here to defend Alex, David or Charlie and, having had my fingers burnt subscribing to unfounded conspiracy theories, I have learned the hard way, for the sake of credibility and as a seeker out of truth, try to distinguish irrefutable fact from opinion that cannot yet be fully substantiated, recognizing there is much we do not know. While I test and weigh, what I have noted though is that many of the “outlandish” claims made by these men are often, not long after (a year say), shown to be conspiracy facts.

 In my recent article: “Great Awakening; Great Reset; Great Deception; Climate Emergency; Covid Plandemic”, besides suggesting we are in for a mixture of Great Awakening, Great Reset and Great Deception, already less than three weeks into a new year we are seeing astounding revelations of all sorts of nefarious happenings instigated by the baddies. I have touched on instances and will do so again. In the meantime, I enjoy the pantomime, wondering to what extent, often behind the scenes e.g. arrests and military tribunals, the white hats are putting down the black hats, if indeed they are. While I have learned not to over pontificate on what might happen soon as I am neither a political prophet nor a political pundit, I am confident there is a lot more to come. What has become crystal clear is there is so much going on we don’t know and things rarely turn out as we expect. One day, all the evil that has ever been done will be revealed, although, for a lot of it, we will have to wait to the Final Judgment, yet sooner than that, methinks, the penny will drop, even among hardened normies, that we have been had and things are not what we are told to believe, despite our acquiescence.

My biggest concern involves normies from the Christian community. In recent years, Satan has had a field day with his divide and rule strategy and often this seems to have worked. This was particularly noticeable during the Covid Plandemic. While some sort of normality has been restored, I sense there will be more things that are liable to divide and deceive the very elect to come out. There remain many wounds causing estrangement between the people of God, and healing is needed. I may be proved wrong with my non-normie view of world events but I think not. I must resist smugness when seeing the House of Cards coming down and noting normie reaction, but rather I must put my trust in the Lord and follow Jesus, of whom it was said: He was “full of grace and truth”.


2 thoughts on “What happens when the “normies” wake up?

  1. Very interesting John,you are absolutely correct about the global situation and as we know,events concerning the end are very close.I always look to Luke 21:26 and John 3:19.
    Best wishes and stay safe.Jim.

  2. Paul Fox says:

    Please don’t put us in boxes. It is to easy We are all different.There’s the Light of God in every person. Know them by their Fruits❤️🌈😢🙏😇🤣😎😏😍🤑🤮😷🤢❤️

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