Happy Halloween!?

Happy Halloween!?

Just over a week ago, returning to the UK on a long-haul flight, I watched a Harry Potter film and, given in the past I was anti HP, was criticised, just as did a friend of mine who criticised those today, especially Christians who ought to know better, who don’t outrightly condemn Halloween. Yet both HP and Halloween are arguably celebrating the dark arts and criticism of both may well be justified.

Seven years ago, I blogged: “Halloween” and three years ago I blogged: “Why I don’t celebrate Halloween”. Ahead of writing here, I thought to check both out to see if my views had changed. In my seven year ago blog, I referred to an article by well-known evangelist J.John titled: “Six reasons why I believe Halloween is far from harmless”, but also one by a Christian more amenable to the idea of celebrating. In my three years ago blog, I also quoted J.John, but this time not sharing alternative views. A few days ago, my friend shared a video titled: “HISTORY OF HALLOWEEN”, in which, just as did J.John, the presenter came down firmly, with no exceptions, against celebrating Halloween.

As I was out today, I noted a town centre poster wishing us “Happy Halloween”, along the lines of the meme above. When I cared to look, I could see all sorts of signs endorsing the idea of Halloween celebration. Such are the times we live in (in my childhood, it was Guy Fawkes)! I take on the chin my Harry Potter film watching critic, pointing out my hypocrisy, but will likely give sweets to neighbor children tricking and treating at my door. As for those who may wish to go along with Halloween celebrations, e.g. letting their children attend parties, while I might well counsel DON’T, I don’t see it as a falling out matter as, those who do, may do so innocently and even as an opportunity for sharing the Gospel, just as do people who celebrate the pagan festival we now know as Christmas. I would counsel those tempted to get on their spiritual high horse, who condemn that which doesn’t affect them personally, maybe themselves be doing wrong in other ways, also DON’T.    


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