Breakfast at Strawberry Field – Southend-on-Sea

Breakfast at Strawberry Field – Southend-on-Sea

Today, I had breakfast at Strawberry Field – Southend-on-Sea (near the Big Tesco’s on the A127).

Actually, my wife and I, and some friends, had booked elsewhere, but there was a last minute glitch that meant that venue was not available. But someone had the bright idea for us to try Strawberry Field, a place I have never visited before and, as often happens, was up for the adventure and a new eating place to blog about.

We arrived around 0845 to a one third full venue, although when we left an hour later it was two thirds full. While I suspect in future that it would be advisable to book ahead, the friendly welcoming man made us feel at ease and explain to us the routine and what was on offer. It was self-service (not that it was an issue) and not so different than the Toby Carvery (our original choice) set-up, but here everything was included in the £9.50 all-inclusive cost, including orange juice and croissants, along with refillable teas coffees and other bakery and other offerings we did not explore.

We enjoyed our eating experience: food, service, value, ambience etc. were more than acceptable, although I am still debating whether to award 8/10 or 9/10, so will settle on 8.5. All the food items were what one would expect in a standard breakfast offering, like Toby, and one of our party was wowed by the black pudding, as was I with the orange and croissants, not normally on offer. While the eating experience was a good one, I have tasted better and HOTTER and have seen food better presented – thus the score.

I was taken with the experience and glad we made the (last minute) decision to visit Strawberry Field. There is little question about wanting to make the return visit (I am now thinking of an excuse while eyeing the interesting looking lunch menu in anticipation).


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