Summer of Pride 2022

Summer of Pride 2022

Around this time of the year, many towns and cities up and down the land (UK) hold increasingly popular LBGT+ Pride events, one of which was held in my city (Southend) Saturday, and successfully so.

Our local newspaper reported: “Southend Pride arrives in town with colourful celebrations” and begins: “Colourful celebrations and fun have filled the city for Southend Pride today. Thousands joined the parade from Pier Hill through the High Street and to Warrior Square Gardens where a fun festival is now being held. The annual summer’s event celebrates the LGBTQ+ community but has been cancelled in previous years due to the Covid pandemic.” A few days earlier, our mayor raised the LBGT+ flag at his official residence, amidst a good deal of positive publicity.

I couldn’t attend the events this year, as before, since I was away. There are a number of reasons for wanting to attend. Some years ago, I organised the Southend Community-in-Harmony events, where all sections of the community, including LBGT, were invited to attend (and did) and the person who took over organising that event went on to organise the Pride events. I have a professional interest, so to speak, and the organisation of these Pride events from what I could see was excellent, as was the attendance and the enjoyment and positivity of those attending. Another reason for attending was to engage with the LBGT community, some of who I enjoy good relations, despite my views, which I will get to, as well as to meet old friends and network on community matters. I well recall, going back a while, having a discussion with one of the organisers, as to why these events were put on. His main response was an impressive one. LBGT folk have long been discriminated against and worse, and in several countries around the world that remains so. Holding Pride events is one way of showing solidarity with such folk, and declaring to all and sundry who they are.  

Just prior to the event, I came across this post on a Facebook page of a group I support: “Anyone else disturb by the whole Gay pride thing this year? It seems everywhere I look there the flag and the rainbow it’s even on kids’ trainers and clothes and games! I saw a post the other day that said the police are adopting it onto their uniform! I really feel that it’s been pushed so much in our faces this year and there definitely seems to be a Gay etc agenda all of which I find really disturbing.” I thought the main point, which was to do with pushing an agenda, which happens to be wrong, was valid. My own theological understanding is that when it comes to sexual orientation, whatever one’s inclinations may be, God’s intention was / is for one man and one woman to come together in a lifelong relationship, and that alone should include sexual intimacy. When it comes to sexual identity, God created man and God created woman, with no allowance made for transitioning from one sex to another.

Whatever some Christians think / say in order to appease those who think otherwise and in order not upset those who wish to promote an LBGT+ agenda, I can in all conscience hold to no other position. While I respect those who consider it right to organise and attend LBGT+ Pride events and question the theology of those Christians who oppose homosexuality and transgenderism over and above other sins, I request that in a paradigm where many organisations seek to appear LBGT+ friendly, the same respect be afforded to those who do not wish to partake and who really feel that it’s been pushed so much in our faces this year. More importantly, while I get that homophobic or any bullying come to that should be opposed, it should not be pushed in the faces of our children, in ways such as articulated, giving examples, on the website “One Million Moms.


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