Breakfast at the Wake Cup Café

Breakfast at the Wake Cup Café

Today, I had breakfast at the Wake Cup Café, 307 Sutton Road, Southend, SS2 5PF (see here for their Facebook page).

The Café has been going two years and this was my first visit although before that I had breakfast there under different owners. Besides breakfasts, they do other things, like delivery services (lots more info if you google “Wake Cup Café Southend”). So it was, I was hungry, nothing in the fridge I fancied at home and while there are two other cafes that I like, just up the road, I could have tried, I decided on the “Wake Cup Café” – and I was NOT disappointed!

Clean, bright and airy were my impressions on entry, although surprised not more tables. I ordered a Full English Breakfast (what else) and was quickly and efficiently served. While I paid a little more than expected, on balance it was worth it. All cooked to perfection: two bacon, two eggs, two hash browns, two toasts, sausage, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and tea – more than enough and most enjoyable. Three stand out things to note – the sausage was one of the better examples (this is what lets many cafes down imo); the bacon had the wow factor – thick and tasty, the cherry tomatoes on a vine are what I typically might have associated with posh restaurants, although I’d rather these were warmer.

Overall it was a good experience and a good decision to eat there. When I entered, I was the only customer but three more sets of customers came in (who I assume were regulars) before I left. I was asked by the lady, who I took to be the owner, how I found things and I told her – wishing her future success, which she deserved.


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