Roe v Wade and 2000 Mules

Roe v Wade and 2000 Mules

As is often my practice, I like to start anything controversial with a brief explanation of what I am about to discuss and, to show lack of bias, I often share what comes up when I do a Google search.

Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973), was a landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in which the Court ruled that the U.S. Constitution protects a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restriction. It struck down many U.S. state and federal abortion laws,…

Dinesh D’Souza has announced that he will soon release a documentary — 2000 Mules — about voter fraud in the 2020 election. He is also releasing an associated book. Both will feature bombshell evidence collected by True the Vote, in which “mules,” i.e. paid cheaters, were filmed stuffing ballot boxes in key states across the country.

Also, as is my practice, I want to link here two stories featuring in recent news that on the face of it have nothing do with each other but in my opinion are not only significant but significantly linked and, moreover, have a long way to play out as well, as sharply dividing opinions (watch the news, especially alternative media, to see what happens next, which is of great consequence). A Google search may help fill in details, although to get what might approach my own views on these subjects, one may have to go to alternative media sources e.g. Bitchute. In short, and during the past week, the story was leaked that the US Supreme Court is about to overturn its earlier Roe v Wade decision and at the same time the film “2000 Mules” is about to be premiered. Given the leak helped to raise an adverse reaction among some of the more rabid pro-choicers (as well as much rejoicing among pro-lifers), it has been suggested this was done to distract the public at large away from the enormity of what the film is seeking to address (which is evidence of fraud on a monumental scale that has hitherto been allowed to go unchecked). It also is designed to thwart the efforts of those behind this reversal. and yet another example of the devilish ploys to spread wickedness.

I have long supported the pro-life cause and believe it is as, if not more, important than some of the social justice issues that concern many of my (especially left leaning) friends. I see killing babies in the womb as tantamount to sacrificing children to Baal in Bible times and as an abomination to the Lord, incurring his righteous judgment on a nation such as the USA (evident especially with the current administration). Talking of who governs the people, the people who do so should not be there because they cheated. The evidence was seen from Day 1 and has accumulated ever since (leaving me and others that have checked out some of what has been presented in no doubt there have been major shenanigans and a massive orchestrated cover up by the powerful who I have no qualm in calling out as wicked) despite being ignored by those (judiciary, executive and legislature) who can / should do something about these matters, something the film powerfully highlights.

I have kept this blog post short, although I daresay I can greatly elaborate if required. As a Watchman, these two stories that have effectively broken in the past week matter greatly and I would be remiss if I let it pass because of the enormity of the issues that are at stake. I sense the Lord is up to something and, regarding which, despite our limited power to change things – even if Roe v Wade is overturned, State legislatures can and do allow abortion up to birth and even after that and, despite the evidence of US Election fraud, the powers that be often still ignore it with smart alecs telling us to move on. We have a mighty and merciful God and it is to Him we pray that amidst judgment He will be merciful to those who call on His name and the innocent (the unborn baby which resides in the mothers womb) and the weak oppressed by wicked government.      


2 thoughts on “Roe v Wade and 2000 Mules

  1. John Hymus says:

    Hi, John, I agree with you wholly.

    I would add two other linked factors: 1. The fake ‘attack on the Capitol’ by supposed ‘Trump supporters’. I suspect this was yet another carefully stage-managed Extreme Left Wing ‘sleight of hand’ shenanigan which is and was as fraudulent as the stolen election itself.
    2. The Russian/Ukrainian tragedy where I fear the hardworking and long-suffering Ukrainian people (victims of Stalin’s merciless ‘hlodomor’) are caught up in the middle of yet another ruthless geopolitical world power play.

    That ‘play’ is now between, on the one hand, the ‘woke’ and ‘Build Back Better’ Biden regime in cahoots with a ‘woke’ actor-showman-cross-dresser, ‘young world leader’ billionaire Ukrainian President [who is also ‘Stepan Bandara inspired’ and salivates at the prospect of getting Ukrainian independence (= power for themselves) at any cost and willing to ally with any unscrupulous partner eg as with Nazi-Germany 1939-1941] + in cahoots with a compromised NATO + in cahoots with a globalist EU and a globalist WEF + in cahoots with a corrupt world media – in toto a massive global ‘unholy alliance and war front’. This is pitted against the other contender, a Russian-Federation which was shaken to the core by the disintegration of the USSR in 1991 and which was ‘on its knees’ (‘на коленах’ as I read in the headlines of one Russian publication called ‘Argumenty i Fakty’ in 2005 or so), which was dazed and was itself disintegrating under a degenerate drunkard called Yeltsin, all of which happened at the same time as hawkish elements within the mid-1990’s USA relished and enhanced its rôle as the solo world superpower. Big money no doubt, as always, was the main driver. And warfare is a big money spinner when big finance contracts for post-war rebuilding can and are doled out to global companies. No doubt population reduction is also another big motivator. The perpetrators behind the scenes might well think ‘we are now the favoured few who remain’ and we are rich and powerful enough to get most of the ‘world-control cake of ownership’ for ourselves – until, that is, our greed leads us to attempt to wipe each other out – one by one. An accident here…a mystery there…

    That ‘unholy alliance’ of globalist and ‘woke’ players, who are besotted with and lust after this world with its glitter, tinsel and accompanying ‘pride of life’ might well welcome a WWIII. But they omit one vital factor. They didn’t factor God or Christ or prevailing prayers in the Name of Jesus into their pitiful threadbare equation.

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