The Mueller Report and the Durham Report

The Mueller Report and the Durham Report

In recent years, those of us watching happenings across the Pond have been fed news of an investigation leading to what is known as the Mueller report and often it has been linked to stirring up anti-Trump feelings. According to Wikipedia: “The Mueller report, officially titled Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election, is the official report documenting the findings and conclusions of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 United States presidential election, allegations of conspiracy or coordination between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia, and allegations of obstruction of justice. The report was submitted to Attorney General William Barr on March 22, 2019, and a redacted version of the 448-page report was publicly released by the Department of Justice (DOJ) on April 18, 2019. It is divided into two volumes”.

Following on from Mueller, there was another investigation (still taking place) that we expect will lead to another (known as the Durham) report (that is now long-awaited) and significantly a lot less is known about this by the public at large, largely due to the corrupt media not reporting it. While Wikipedia has an article on the Durham report, it has nothing to do with what I want to discuss, so I need to confine my Wikipedia quote to its opening comments on the man himself, John Durham: “John Henry Durham (born March 16, 1950) is an American lawyer who served as the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut (D.C.) from 2018 to 2021. By April 2019, he had been assigned to investigate the origins of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections, and in October 2020 he was appointed special counsel for the Department of Justice on that matter, a position he still holds”.

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, when I did my traditional Google search to find out what is written about the two reports, I discovered with the Mueller report, despite the underlying investigations using up an enormous amount of resources trying to prove Trump is a crook (and for the duration that is what dominated mainstream news reporting despite the flip side that the real crooks were his enemies being ignored), that in the end it proved very little and, yet in my brief check, I found what had been written about in the Mueller report to be positive, while asserting that Trump had done wrong anyway, as evidenced by there having been impeachment hearings.

As for the Durham report that some of us who begun to see through the charade hoped will provide hard evidence of Spygate (i.e. the Trump campaign was spied on prior to the 2016 election and that Trump had been criminally undermined by people at the highest level – worse than Watergate) little can be found and what is found from the normal suspects downplayed the gravity of what is being investigated. But going to alternative media, a lot is said and with it the hope that when the report is made available, rather than proving to be a nothing burger (as with the Mueller Report) will produce sufficient evidence that the villains (going right to the top, i.e. Obama) will be unmasked and will receive their comeuppance. The good news is (assuming my sources are correct and I am confident they are) this is already happening with a lot more to be revealed.

Whether or not true justice will be done, particularly concerning those most behind Spygate, typically as a way to cover up their own crimes, and to what extent the report to be produced will reveal shenanigans (and hints are being regularly dropped that these are being uncovered), I cannot say for sure, with more sifting of alternative media reports needed. Neither can I pre-empt the findings of the Durham investigation (including stuff we don’t see reported on) and in my darker moments I fear the villains at the top will again get away with it (because they can) and, if it is truth and justice we are looking for, we may have to wait for Judgement Day.

But truth and justice are of paramount importance and given bad people, along with their media allies, pour in iniquity onto the world, this should be a spur for us to want to find out the truth and demand justice. Maybe John Durham will help in this regard, for truth matters, because among other things it sets us free.  

Update 24/04/22

I am grateful to my friend Richard Barker for re-posting this article on his website. He did so by way of it being a gentle introduction to some of the startling revelations that appear to be coming out of the Durham investigation, he posts on, e.g. “Former Italian PM Renzi and the Italian Deep State worried about Durham’s Investigation into the Russiagate sham – GTP & Cesare Sacchetti“. As I look at some of the alternative media, e.g. Bitchute, it is becoming a regular experience to come across reporting that relates to what this investigation is unraveling, including attempts to cover up criminal activity and silence whistle blowers, e.g. “BREAKING! NEW Durham Developments! HRC, Podesta, Comey & McCabe No Immunity! No Deals! No Mercy!”. But I will remind readers of two things. Firstly, we need to test and weigh everything (with reference to one of the reader’s comments below). Secondly, we need to recognise that all sorts of crazy stuff are being made manifest in these days that often are to do with dots joining, much of which we never would have expected. It is good to know that there are honest news reporters out there, along with those who are committed to finding out the facts.


10 thoughts on “The Mueller Report and the Durham Report

  1. Peter Hall says:

    From a CNN article

    “Before normal news outlets even began to write about the court filing, Fox’s abnormal operation ran a Sunday afternoon segment titled “MEDIA IGNORES DURHAM BOMBSHELL.” That segment, coupled with Fox’s massive coverage, inadvertently showed what was really going on. Fox’s networks mentioned Durham at least 30 times over the weekend, 80-plus times on Monday and 55 times on Tuesday, according to TVEyes data. …

    Through all the hype by Fox and social media, it became canon on the right: This was a major story, a scandal dwarfing Watergate, and the only possible reason other outlets hadn’t covered it is that they were part of a cover-up.

    In reality, in-depth reporting with context and nuance takes time; slapdash stories and opinion columns barely any time at all. But the absence of reporting created an information vacuum that Trump allies filled with conspiracies and wild accusations. And once reporters did follow up and debunk those accusations, that stirred even wilder claims about the media colluding with Democrats.

    Philip Bump of the Washington Post said, of the Republican complaints about a dearth of Durham coverage, “It’s a sign of the strength of the pro-Trump/Fox News bubble that this is seen not as a reflection on the merits of the story but of a grand conspiracy.”

    This happens because, as many former Fox staffers have admitted, the network (and others like it) needs enraging content to keep people watching.”

    I just think it’s important that those who read your post know that there is more than one opinion on this.

  2. wenthen says:

    Try searching using it is not polluted by ‘big pharma, etc’
    To check search – “lemon grass kills cancer” – you will see dramatic differences in answers, I think the google one even throws up a ‘this doesn’t work’ response, which we KNOW to be false from practical experience

  3. Peter correctly states there’s more than one opinion, BUT facts take precedence… especially when validating prophetic word.

    I first learned about ‘worse that Watergate’ from Britain’s independent journalist Melanie Philips in Jan 2018, which aligned with an Australian prophet’s warning – as well as what I’d heard from the Lord two years earlier on exposing political rot and corruption. Moreover, in monitoring from the White House since his suspicious Cairo speech of mid-2008 I was alerted to Obama’s dubious activities
    SO, as a starter see

    However, more than questionable media I find far better resources on alternatives, and which provide solid data on top-level British involvement and leadership in destabilising USA and its elected leader!

    Therefore, what Trump has claimed about deep-state treachery and endeavoured to torpedo, is indeed true.

  4. PLUS, as ever erudite in-depth documentation from Patel Patriot. In regard to today’s other Newsmix items’ subject, he writes,

    John Durham

    Many individuals from our movement have been looking to John Durham as one of the key players that will provide us with some of the “Trump Justice” we have been waiting for. There has been so much criminal behavior from the political establishment, and so little public justice, that it’s hard to fathom that anything will actually happen. On the surface it appears that John Durham has been moving at a glacial pace. Because of the lack of big results, I’ve actually seen some individuals, supposedly from our movement, question whether John Durham truly exists (he does).

    “At the rate John Durham is going, nothing is going to happen.”

    “There has only been 3 indictments.”

    “The big names are all going to get away with it.”

    I have at times related to the above lines of thinking but as usual, there is something much bigger going on behind the scenes that some of us failed to realize. In order to fully grasp what is happening, we need the context from from the beginning I won’t have the detail that people like Brian Cates and Techno Fog have provided, but I will give the context needed to understand the significance of what Trump did….’

    Monday Newsmix: 3 – Devolution Part 20: Trump Justice

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