The writing on the wall and today’s events

The writing on the wall and today’s events

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues” Revelation 18:4.

Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin (ˈmiˈni miˈni tɛkəl juˈfɑrsɪn ) was the writing on the wall that followed Belshazzar’s Feast, interpreted by Daniel, the Hebrew prophet, to mean that God had weighed Belshazzar and his kingdom, had found them wanting, and was about to swiftly destroy them and it was done so by stealth, by diverting the river, as the Persian army entered and conquered impregnable Babylon that very night (read all about it in Daniel 5) and it was to mark a turning point in Israel’s history as their 70 years in exile came to an end and they would be free to return home under the decree of Persian King Cyrus.

Like many, I tend to use the term “writing on the wall” pretty loosely, as I look at what is happening around me and try to figure out the various signs that might suggest what is going to happen next, albeit with less confidence than what happened with Daniel’s, who rightly interpreted the writing that appeared on the wall out of nowhere, as King Belshazzar and his entourage were indulging at their feast in defiance of the God of Israel. Seeing the mysterious hand writing on the wall would have been terrifying to all who witnessed it. “Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin” literally means “numbered, numbered, weighed, divided”, and that is what happened to Belshazzar and his kingdom.

As I write, looking at latest developments in the Corona saga, I take the writing on the wall to mean further draconian measures in the offing for the people of the UK as is already happening in different places in the world. No doubt, if I were to write this in a month’s time, say, I could come up with a new example. Unlike Daniel, I am not a prophet and, while there are signs if we take the time and effort to check these out (which I do in my blogs), these are nothing so dramatic as what followed the writing on Belshazzar’s wall that fateful day. I can’t say for sure which direction the world is soon to take other than what the Bible teaches, noting the diverse views “out there”. As far as the writing on the wall goes, actions have consequences and wrongdoers will be required to give an account to God, the righteous judge.

Two quite different directions the world is about to take have been suggested: “The Great Reset” and “The Great Awakening”, which I have discussed. It has given rise to heated debate, including among those broadly in my own theological camp. Few would have predicted the events seen since the “great election steal”: more cover ups, further Covid-19 relating shenanigans (including jab related), and miscellaneous world events that if anything have exposed the evil and evil doers in the world. Will it lead to the Great Reset, talked about by many elements of the unholy trinity of politicians, media and societal leaders and with it the emergence of the Antichrist, discussed in Revelation 13, or will it lead to the Great Awakening that is predicted or at least hoped for by elements of yet another trinity, here comprising New Age conspiracy theorists, modern day political prophets and certain Christians, who I label as “the church of the deplorables” (the Remnant), which comprise one or both of a great spiritual revival and the fall of the Cabal, such as prophesied concerning the modern day Babylon equivalent in Revelation 17 and 18. As for the notion of an evil cabal running the world and controlling its institutions etc., this is being increasingly realized by people waking up to the reality. The word to God’s people remains: “come out of her“.

Much as I shudder when, for example, I listen again to Prince Charles’ speech at the recent COP26 conference, where among other things he alludes to one who is about to sort out the world’s problems (the Antichrist maybe), I see that is where we are heading right now. While some mainly sound Christians dismiss notions of a Great Awakening, I can understand their rationale, even though that is my hope ever since the US Election was stolen on November 3rd 2020 and long before that even. While Conspiracy Theorists are often proven right over time, many subscribe to New Age, syncretic, Gnostic notions, which are erroneous. As for the modern-day prophets, some have been found wanting (a subject for further reflection). As for the deplorables, some of which have the temerity of saying things like Corona is a ginormous hoax orchestrated by the Black Hats who are intent on enslaving the masses to bring about their twisted notions of a New World Order, those who are on the other side to this have the tendency of clutching at straws, looking for respite even while the evidence points to the Antichrist led, Great Tribulation as looming large.

The more I watch and pray the less certain which, if any, of Great Reset or Great Awakening it will be (or whether there will be a mixture since the world knows not yet Christ), although having no doubt there will be a righteous kingdom and God wins in the end. The Lord has it all figured out and is in complete control and is testing and refining His people, calling them to simply trust and obey. We are being tested, with more to come (and one of the main reasons why the Book of Revelation was written was to prepare us for suffering but with a glorious hope that is to follow). One thing I do believe is many good Christians are about to find out they have been conned and need a comforting arm and many who we least expect are about to come into God’s Kingdom and we need to be there to encourage them. With all that in mind, I draw these thoughts to a close and end with a text from my last blog. 


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