Olympics just gone

Olympics just gone

I have to confess, ever since I discovered the Olympics as a 9 year old (Rome, 1960) and watched the opening ceremony and some recorded highlights on a neighbour’s black and white TV, and joining with some of the neighbor kids to compete in our own version of Olympics, I was hooked thence forth. I have, to greater and lesser extents, been interested in and following the goings on of, particularly from a GB perspective, ever since. While, this time round, it was not something that I had keenly anticipated (it just happened), with restrictions due to Covid-19 taking its toll, including postponing the event by a year, I found myself following the large array of events that were on offer, reminding myself that seeing the best compete at their best, just as with the football World Cup, is something that happens once only, every four years, and some of the noble Olympic ideals and dedication is worth beholding.  


These days we are spoiled. I watched little on TV and most of my watching was from the BBC website (while I am not a fan of the BBC these days, as far as Olympic coverage goes, they have done us proud) on my desktop, usually recorded highlights, although such are the technological advances, I could tune into any of the live events simultaneously going on (we have come a long way from live coverage being out of the question due to the technology then available) if I wanted to. And overall, I enjoyed what I watched, with my Team GB exceeding expectations and finishing a credible fourth in the overall medal table behind the usual (these days) favorites and the hosts. They did well in their normal strong events, except rowing, which this time was replaced by swimming success. And I think the new additions to the event calendar worked, including having mixed team events. It was nice seeing Team GB do well in a range of events and generally watching heroic performances, whichever the country was that was being represented. While the usual criticisms about obscene costs etc. apply, I would rate the games a success, although it was weird seeing a lack of crowds and people being masked up unless they were competing.

I am tempted to go on about Olympics and the globalist agenda, the issue of transgender creeping in, mental health (rightly) recognised as an issue (US gymnast withdrawing), my gladness that the US women football favourites failed due to their agenda posturing, rags to Olympic success (Indian woman’s hockey player), giving glory to God (Olympic woman’s 400 metre hurdle champion), phenomenal performances (Olympic men’s 400 metre hurdle champion), record number of GB gold medals (men’s cycling), GB’s youngest medalist (13 year old – skateboarding) along with assorted triumphs and disasters and many acts of sportsmanship, but I will stop, having posted on something I regard as significant, and with the hope that the Paralympics shortly to begin will also be successful. And as for my Olympic highlight, it is Fiji becoming Rugby 7’s champions.


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