To all who may check out my Facebook page – read this …

I have been a Facebook user for these past several years and have accumulated nearly the maximum number (5000) “friends” allowed on the way (and lost some too), and have nearly 3000 followers.

Since Facebook allows us to pin posts, this is mine. I respectfully request folk who read what I post on my Facebook page, and especially if you are one of those inclined to comment, to first read this or, if not, not to complain if you don’t like, understand or agree with what you read. I say this to help clear up misunderstandings etc. concerning what I am trying to achieve. I am always open to questions, including where appropriate through private messaging.

These days, Facebook, along with my website, is the main way I have to communicate my thoughts with a wider audience. Being able to write down what I see around me now I have become less physically active through disability, is important for me and I hope is one way I can leave a legacy to those I leave behind when I am gone. I do with the thought we must question (test and weigh) everything and to put into practice Jesus words to watch and pray concerning what we see.

I suppose the majority of Facebook users use their account to keep in contact with friends and family, to find out about stuff they are interested in, e.g. if belonging to special interest groups, or to promote stuff they would like friends and followers to see. I confess, I incorporate all these ideas and began originally my Facebook journey to promote my website. I began being a regular on Facebook soon after I published my book: Outside the Camp, which tells my story of how I became a community activist and details some of my community activism.

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My Facebook strapline is “I am a gospel preaching, community activist, watchman on the wall using my page as a reflective diary”. Facebook is a great vehicle for doing this, although it comes with a health warning. It can be addictive for one thing and lead us away from facing up to the real world and deal directly with people. As many have found out, it can be a vehicle for acrimony and many have fallen foul or have suffered reproach because of what has been posted on Facebook. Some choose to avoid Facebook for that reason.

Sadly, the people who control Facebook are NOT nice people. They censor and shut down on a regular basis those who challenge the official narrative, including me, who have been wrapped on the knuckles and worse for not following their community standards and have met the disapproval of their omniscient fact checkers. But it is a great resource through which we can communicate with the world and, despite its faults, I continue to use it – at least for now!

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My regular routine is to check out what people have commented etc. on my page or pages I have an interest in, along with recent posts by friends etc. Sometimes I share these on my page – sometimes with a comment and sometimes not. Always there is a “Test and Weigh” caveat. While I try to avoid posting what is false, I cannot always vouch for all what is appears on my page. I am a great believer in “the truth will set us free” and want my page to contribute to this.

Moreover, since I try to avoid my page being an echo chamber for all who think like me, I welcome dissenting voices. The one thing I request is, if people do comment, they do so with RESPECT and RELEVANCE. Comments I value most are those that give alternative perspectives and which thoughtfully provide reasons for doing so.

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As people will see, who check out my posts, I post on a wide range of subjects, often controversial ones where people hold widely different views e.g. Trump and Brexit. Besides matters political, I share stuff to do with my Christian faith and my community interests – and also fun stuff. The common factor is these interest me and I believe may interest those who read my posts and my comments.

One of my interests is writing books, Prophets of the Bible being the latest and Song of Songs, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes is work in progress (check out my website for details and free downloads). Often my blogs provide alternative perspectives to what one comes across on mainstream and social media. I encourage visitors to question everything yet, arguably, my most important writing is that which presents the Gospel of the grace of God.

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Finally, let me welcome you to my page. Most of my “visitors” I have never met and come from all over the world and represent many different walks of life and outlooks. While some have defriended me because of my “rabid right” views, I have gained new “friends”, some who think a lot different to me (my page is not my echo chamber and I am on a journey, always ready to learn and be challenged by reasonable points) but often with something worthwhile to give.

I hope you find some of what is posted on my page helpful. I welcome comments appropriately posted and I look forward to hearing from you. While I won’t promise to answer every point or support every cause, I will try to acknowledge (and also pray) in some way. We are all on journeys – let us encourage one another!


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