Making the perfect bacon sandwich

Firstly, an apology to my Jewish, Muslim, Seventh Day Adventist and vegetarian friends.

But I love bacon sandwiches (ed: or butties) and reckon I can make a nice, tasty one (almost in my sleep) although, to be fair, it is not an especially challenging undertaking and yet, on the other hand, one can always pick up tips on how to improve and when adding extraneous bits according to one’s preferences or moods. My standard practice is to fry the bacon in a pan, pre-heated with a little melted butter and then add the bacon – the fattier the better and is why I like streaky (I confess, these days I am at the wrong end of the healthy spectrum and am not a good example to follow). I like to prepare it along with fried sliced tomato. I like my sandwich warm and may toast my thick white sliced bread (an option, if available, is to serve in warm, fresh homemade bread). I butter my bread, spreadable – Lurpak works for me, and I will liberally sprinkle pepper before serving. Yum yum! As for adding tomato or brown, or any other sauce come to that, as many choose to do, the answer for me is NO WAY, although I recognise we all have our own fads.

I was prompted to write having watched two videos. Firstly, there was “Does James May make the best bacon sandwich in the world?”. Here the question was posed: which is better: executive or industrial (posh or common)? I confess, I am more an industrial man myself, although I disagreed with both bacon chefs – especially their, imho, spoiling something broadly acceptable by adding sauce. Secondly, there was “The Perfect Bacon Sandwich Battle by Jamie Oliver”. I was impressed by the approach of the two chefs involved and while I follow neither approach, I noted ideas that might be worth trying in the future. As for me, I will continue to enjoy my bacon sandwiches for as long as I have taste buds, especially if I had prepared it – and, no doubt, when the end is here I will be able to say I ate it my way!


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