Remembering Dr. P.Y. George

Remembering Dr. P.Y. George

Yesterday, we were sad to learn of the death of an old and dear family friend, Dr. P.Y. George, who had died earlier in the day after being hospitalised, and tomorrow is his funeral (they don’t hang around in India, unlike what typically happens in the UK).

P.Y.George was well known in the circles in which he moved, particularly among Brethren assemblies, in and around Trivandrum City, where he had settled, after retiring as a teacher working in the Gulf area. Tributes are already coming in from people who were thankful to God for the life of this man and pay respects to one who was an influence for good for them and many other people.

My association with P.Y.George goes back well over thirty years and when, 26 years ago, my wife and I got engaged and a few years later, when we had a house built in Kattakada, just outside Trivandrum, it was he that oversaw proceedings to celebrate those occasions and commit union and house to the Lord. He was a well-respected mentor and friend to my late father-in-law, Varghese Mathai, and supported and encouraged him in all sorts of ways, in his work as an evangelist, whether as a preacher or practically behind the scenes.

I too have many good memories of P.Y.George. When we made our annual visits from the UK to our India family home, we usually managed to get to see him (the last time was 2019 – Covid prevented our visiting in 2020). These were invariably joyful occasions – even though he was frail toward the end. He always had a positive outlook to life and a sharp frame of mind and we could talk at length on all sorts of subjects. One could imagine him getting on with people from all stations in life. He had a winsome manner and a good sense of humour. He was well supported by his wife; between them they showed us (and no doubt many others too) wonderful hospitality.

It is easy to remember positives concerning P.Y.George. My recent studies have been concerning the way of wisdom, found in the Book of Proverbs. If I was to cite a modern-day exemplar of the way of wisdom, it would be him, for he was a wise man – and not just wisdom per se  – but many of the qualities that flow from wisdom. He had a good understanding of what was going on around him. He was a learned man that knew a lot – but never showing off. He did well to size up delicate church situations. What I loved was he could see the good and the not so good sides in people and situations, where people could and did fall out and was generally open to alternative takes on things. He could keep his own counsel if need be, but always showed much grace in his dealings with others.

He was a humble man and a faithful one, who loved the Lord and sought to be true to His Word. One couldn’t help notice his sense of order and discipline. He and his wife were people of prayer and it was touching to know they were regularly praying for our family. It seemed to me that his motivation in life was to quietly do as much good as he could and be a blessing to others. Dr. P.Y.George will be much missed by members of my family. We thank God for him.

According to the Brethren Bible Institute Facebook page,, the funeral arrangements are as follows:





One of the Elders of Kunnukuzhy Brethren Assembly

Dr. P. Y. George (Thankachan – 87 years) went to be with the Lord at 3 pm on March 25, 2021 at KIMS Hospital.

Wife: Sis. Aleyamma George (Leelamma)


Annie P. George & Varghese Samuel (Geogy)

Anila Thomas & Dr. Joy Thomas, Bangalore


Nina & Linson, Dallas  (Great Grandson: Aben)

Nita & Georgie, Dubai

Joe Thomas, Bangalore

Nisha, Bangalore

Ankita, Bangalore


God willing, the Funeral Service will be held on March 27, 2021 (Saturday).

Viewing at his residence: 9 am

Funeral Service at Tower Shalom (Near Medical College): 10 am

Burial at Brethren cemetery, Paruthippara, Trivandrum: 12 pm

Live webcast will be available at:

Let us uphold the family members to the Throne of Grace for Heavenly comfort and strength. May the Lord bestow upon them heavenly grace, peace and strength, and console them with the Word of God.

Please pray for the family members and dear ones who will be travelling from different places to attend the funeral. Please pray that God’s name be glorified through the funeral service.

Update 27/03/20: I have just watched the two and a bit hour video of the funeral service, conducted in Malayalam and some English. It was a moving experience and a dignified send off for a great man of God.


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