Twelve more favourite Bible characters – Boaz

3. Boaz

Boaz was an amazing guy that was lucky enough to marry one of the loveliest ladies in the Bible – Ruth – the entire story being told in the book of Ruth. All of which took place in a tumultuous time in Israel’s history – as recounted in the Book of Judges. I love Boaz because he was an honourable and God fearing man, who lived in a time when honour and the fear of God were at a premium. He was, from what we can make out, a prosperous land owner, who happened to care for the poor. If anyone wants an example of why capitalism is better than communism, Boaz is it. The fact there was not too many of his ilk around is a reason why it may not be. The Law, under which Israel was meant to operate, made few demands on individual entrepreneurs, but made ample provision where the haves had to take care of the have nots, and when that happened society thrived. Boaz discharged all his obligation, e.g. relating to gleaning – and more. It happened (brilliant Bible euphemism for a God instance) that at that time impoverished Ruth gleaned in Boaz’s field and he ensured she was more than taken care of. I particularly like his first entrance on the scene when he greeted his workers with “the Lord bless you” (now wouldn’t that be nice if it happened today). The wonderful happenstance bit was that Boaz was Ruth’s kinsman redeemer, who being a close relative of Ruth’s late husband had the right to marry her according to Jewish Law – except he was not first in line to marry the widow Ruth and someone else had first refusal so to speak. Which brings me to another great aspect of Boaz’s character and why honour comes to mind – he did everything by the book, treating Ruth when she dropped the bombshell and everyone involved with the greatest respect. In the end he married the lovely Ruth and their son, Obed, was a direct ancestor of Jesus.


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