CRA update

I mentioned in my earlier post on Cluny Residents Association (CRA) that the meeting held last night may be our last. It wasn’t and we have another meeting in six months time to decide our fate.

After sharing the position I felt we were in, we (the eleven that were in attendance: six residents and five interested and involved persons who were not residents) decided (following on from a full and frank discussion) that none of us wanted to stand for the committee, none of us wanted to close the association there and then and all of us wanted to keep it open in case somehow new life could be breathed into the association, even if we were to go about things differently.

Despite this gloomy sounding note, there was a positive mood and a desire to work together to improve our community despite lack of resident engagement. We explored ways the residents voice could be heard (it was great three of the non-resident attendees were our ward councilors) and how events (like the recent VE day get together / celebration in the Cluny cafe involving some of the elderly in the ward) could carry on, with yours truly acting in a caretaker role.

With respect to the meet and greet residents meeting, held recently, the following is pertinent and was discussed:

Cluny Residents Association (CRA) – Community brainstorm

On Monday 20th April, CRA held a meet and greet time at the community hub. A number of “friends” from the local community dropped by and were invited to share their thoughts.

The Good

  1. Charity shop soon to open
  2. Good community spirit
  3. A local art group
  4. Lukes Community Hub with lots going on
  5. Work that goes on from the two churches
  6. Fantastic park
  7. Regular events
  8. Supportive councilors – take actions when issues raised

The Bad

  1. Dog poo
  2. No Sunday bus service
  3. Alcoholics and drug users / dealers
  4. Too much rubbish
  5. Not enough for the children
  6. Concerns over security
  7. Little movement on the health centre
  8. St. Lukes church and the hub not speaking


  1. More community input on events like fun days
  2. More street lights
  3. Table top sale
  4. Community allotments
  5. Better integration of agencies working in the ward
  6. Community involved in painting the hub and shutters
  7. Paintballing
  8. Boules at rear of unit
  9. Themed non-confrontational discussion groups
  10. Older generation activities
  11. Security guards for flats
  12. Extend area for residents association
  13. Hub open more – more input from organizations – various facilities available, e.g. use of Internet for job search etc.
  14. Better communication through notices, facebook (bus time table)
  15. Need new ways to engage residents e.g. mums at the school
  16. Getting the local schools more involved

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